Life’s a beach


Here is a photo of Stephen Harper going for a walk on the beach. That is all.


Life’s a beach

  1. So sad this was not instantly shared with the whole nation. Citizens have a right to know and a democractic responsibility to act wisely with that knowledge!

  2. Is it me or is our cabinet a tad on the chunky side?

    • Our whole nation is a tad on the chunky side.

    • Take another peek…that wasn’t the whole cabinet, just the head cabinet guy.

      • Harper is the Cabinet, all the other meat puppets are jus for show.

  3. How many Communications Officers did it take to pull off this mission?

  4. Obama was there too….but he kept his shoes on.

  5. Andrew MacDougall can say anything he wants: this was a photo opp.  Like Bryan Adams being invited over to talk policy when really, it was to showcase to Canadians how cool harper is. Tee hee, as if.  This one is to show us how spontaneous and devil-may-care harper can be; he isn’t.

    Sad to note the pm has regained all the weight he lost — that tummy is getting into heart attack ground. 

  6. Will Harper protect Canada’s Marketing boards in his efforts to join the Trans Pacific Trade Group? Am I reading too much into the Beatles tune he was humming during his stroll (largely unreported)?:

    ♫ I am the eggman, (they are the eggmen).
     I am the walrus, goo goo g’joob. ♫

    •  It’s telling he never goes to stuff like “Why’d You Lie?”

      • Not sure whether that was directed at me. But, in politics, I thought the answer to the question: “Why’d You Lie?”  would be self evident.

  7. I was scared to look.  I thought maybe Harper had borrowed Brazeau’s speedo.  Thank god he didn’t.

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