Like Frosted Flakes


In a six-sentence blog post about this past weekend’s vaguely controversial meeting of Ontario Liberals, Michael Ignatieff manages to use the adjective “great” no less than three times.


Like Frosted Flakes

  1. Guess he kept his other adjectives and adverbs behind closed doors for family.
    But of course, how this is a front-page story for the Debtors’ prison paper NaPo is bizarre. When you’ve got the current governing party’s parade of supporters cloaked behind doors, and even saying ‘keep stuff under wraps until we get a majority’ sounds more tantalizing than some family squabble… Really, this debate was like a first date, and who wants to have that in front of a pack of overheated window shoppers, anyways?

  2. Carolyn Bennett is great at that too.

  3. This is worth writing about? Running out of material?

    Perhaps – it’s been put in the right perspective – much ado Bob about nothing.

  4. Looks like something a junior staffer tapped out, that Iggy simply signed off on. All it shows is that while Iggy may consider things great, he doesn’t consider them deeply, which isn’t a good sign for someone styling himself an intellectual.

  5. This is worth writing about? Running out of material?

    Don’t blame Aaron. Blame Ignatieff. Ya works with what ya got.

    I’m really looking forward to Mr. Empire Lite’s musing about the Global Economy.

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