Lise St. Denis to the Liberals


The MP for Saint-Maurice-Champlain is now a Liberal. Her written statement is as follows.

I have decided to join the Liberal Party of Canada. This decision has been made serenly. It is the result of a thoughtful process started a few weeks ago. Since my arrival in the House of Commons, I have carefully listened to the speeches made by Liberals MPs. I recognize today not only the collective value of their work but more so their sense of duty and commitment. Having myself been involved in politics for almost a decade, I have always acted with conviction and integrity. Today, this change in my political life is above all the continuity of my thought process on Canada’s future and the place that must be taken in our institutions by Quebecois and francophones from all over the country.

I represent a riding that is part of the genesis of Canada, equally on the cultural and on the economical side. The decision that I have made is motivated by the challenges that people in my riding will face; these people have been confronted in the last years to difficulties linked to the globalisation of national economies. We have had prosperous times, due to the forestry and pulp and paper sectors, and we must now make choices that will lead us once more to economic success.

I am in the Liberal Party of Canada because its direction on social policy, on job creation, on external affairs and on the environment appears to me as being able to generate hope for the people living in communities in my riding of Saint-Maurice-Champlain and indeed in all of Canada. The choice that I have made today is that of a woman free to express her opinion and which bases her political future on the country’s needs and on pragmatism necessary to the survival of our institutions, our social programs and the values that make the greatness of our nation. We live in a time of fundamental transformation, globally and nationally. It is thus crucial that we make choices that undoubtedly will protect who we are and who we want to be!

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Lise St. Denis to the Liberals

  1. Satire doesn’t have a chance in Canada if this is level of our political discourse. First paragraph could have been written by The Onion or Lib staffers, who knows. 

  2. This defection may just be the beginning of Dipper MP turmoil in Quebec, depending on what happens at their leadership convention. I suspect that many voters in Quebec are asking themselves why they sent so many of these absentee, inexperienced, dippers to represent them.

    At least Ms. St.-Denis admitted that the only reason she won her seat was the voters sympathetic  appeal to an ailing Jack Layton in the May election. With Jack`s passing and the fact that she is a Montrealer with no intention of moving up to her relatively isolated riding, then I can understand why she would not feel any loyalty to the Dippers.

    What better party for her to join then one that will allow her to continue to live in Montreal, ignore the wishes of the electorate in her riding, and ensure her that her flexible principles should feel right at home.

  3. Is a serenely-made decision superior to any other decision?  One supposes so, if one is an ultra soppy liberal.  Good luck with your serene decision, Mme MP.  You will surely need it. 

    • Frank Costanza ~ serenity now! serenity now! 

  4. This comment was deleted.

    • Depends on what?

      • Depends on Turd’s supply of “Depends?”

    • Well it certainly doesn’t smell of turds.

      The meetings you attend, however . . . 

  5.  I have always acted with conviction and integrity.”

    Who talks like this?  Besides Rain Man?

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