Local man accepts teaching position at prestigious university


Michael Ignatieff will soon be splitting his time between faculty positions at the University of Toronto and Harvard.

Two Conservative backbenchers send their regards.


Local man accepts teaching position at prestigious university

  1. Well I’d say Cons are pig ignorant, and proud of it ……but mostly they’re just silly on this one.

    • That’s completely unfair to denizens of porcine nation ;-)

      • Heh…that’s true. Pigs are usually intelligent animals, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why people would want to drive an intelligent educated man out of the country…..most nations would give their right arm for such people vying for the leadership

  2. After the way he was treated I wouldn’t blame him for leaving.

  3. So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu
    Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu
    So long, farewell, au revoir, auf wiedersehen

    • Yeah, so the University of Toronto is still in Toronto, right? Toronto, Canada?

      • It’s only Tony.

    • Where does the item say he’s leaving?

  4. twits tweeting

  5. Ignatieff’s future with the Kennedy School remains dependent on whether he is elected.

    “If I am not elected, I imagine that I will ask Harvard to let me back,” Ignatieff said. “I love teaching here, and I hope I’ll be back in some shape or form.”

    Promise kept.

    • When politicians leave politics they usually return to the job they did before they were elected.

      Harper will too.

      Well, except his mail room is probably closed by now

      • You’re right Emily, but that is for folk who aren’t of the Harper, they get seats in the Senate. I believe being nominated to the Senate is now the golden parachute offered to wannabe Con MPs before they run for office.

        • Well we could easily fix that. ;)

        • That’s why Senate reform is on a really back burner.

      • he’ll go back to operating a website for the national citizens comething-or-other?

        In Harper’s case, I’m pretty sure the board of Enbridge has been promised.

        • He’ll be leading the ‘Stop the Carbon Tax’ movement.

        • From the mail room to the board room by jamming up a country.

    • Harper is not an Albertan. He’ll stay in Ottawa or go back home to Toronto.

      • Off to the US more likely

  6. No pesky voters to question his wisdom there, only adoring grad students.

    • Never seen students argue with profs eh? Or profs argue with each other?

      Kinda what it’s all about dude.

    • You’ve no idea how research works have you little man?
      Hint CPoC talking points, just like the GOP convention are based on lies, because the base can’t process reality.

    • I just clicked on to the HKS website – one of Iggy’s colleagues is Romney’s foreign policy adviser. I guess she needed a break from the adoring grad students.

  7. All these commenters sound like they’ve received and turned down offers from Harvard.

  8. Oh, this just made my day! Just Visiting indeed!

  9. This comment was deleted.

    • Old talking point by fake EmilyOne – can’t you come up with anything on your own?

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