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Loose change


A new spot from the Liberal side.

A more upbeat pitch is here.


Loose change

  1. Man, sometimes you write the cleverest of headlines – well done!

  2. Much like the rise of the NDP in Québec might be a prblem for the Liberals in some parts of the province and the Conservatives in other parts and for the Bloc everywhere, as a Canadian it is good to have another (ostensively) federalist option taking away votes from les séparatisssssses.

  3. There's one key takeaway from the ad, based on the answer to this question: who exactly has been stewing over the Libs being voted down in 2005 to the point that they'd buy the "Harper and Layton are the same" theme?

    Not swing voters who have voted, or who have considered voting, for any other party on the merits. In fact, they'll be insulted to be told that they're wrong to have considered other options.

    No, it's only the hardest-core partisans – those who identify more based on Liberal tribalism than on any appeal to policy, leadership or other factors – who can possibly be expected to respond to the message in the ad.

    And the Libs are apparently scared enough to be using their precious broadcast advertising resources to try to firm up whatever base they have – presumably to keep it from joining an NDP wave.

    • Good point- note the Liberal supporters who are commenting this is a great ad, wonder if it will resonate with voter?
      No. It will only resonate with the base who still hold NDP and COns in association because of that event, what, 6 years ago?
      This is a stop-the-bleeding ad.

    • The NDP say "Ottawa is broken" but when given the opportunity to work with the Liberals and support socaily progressive policies like ; National Daycare and the Kelowna Accord Layton pulled the plug before they could be implemented. To me that says Layton is more of an opportunist then a driving force for social issues. Linking Harper and Layton together as opportunistic career politicians while reminding voters the Liberals are the party that have been the driving force behind implementing socal programs. This ad seems to be targeting the socially progressive vote in Ontario where the danger of vote splitting will cost the Liberals seats.

      • Sounds to me the grits are running scared.
        What happened to all the BS Iggy was trying to force on us that this election was all about democracy?
        Iggy and his handlers are now forced to look elsewhere, because they see that Canadians aren't buying that nonsense.

  4. This is called "getting your money's worth".

  5. I thought this ad was pretty weak, because most people in the target audience are fully aware that Harper and Layton are not, in fact, two sides of the same coin. It strains credulity.

    The expression "two sides of the same coin" refers to different but closely related features of one idea. Just because Harper and Layton both brought down Paul Martin's government in 2005, it doesn't mean they're closely related features of a single idea, unless that idea happens to be "squeezing out the Liberals".

    • "squeezing out the Liberals"

      Why wouldn't that be the idea?

      • As Tom Flannagan (who always let's people into what Harper is truly thinking) said after the 2008 Fiscal Update:

        "Carthage must be destroyed. Carthage must be destroyed." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carthago_delenda_est

    • The only point I'll make in disagreement is that the target audience might well be voters who care about this kind of stuff; who care that Layton has sided with Harper before against Liberals.

      The primary Liberal strategy has been to energize their own voters. This ad might serve to do that, it might not.

      In fact, it will be interesting to me to see just how well this strategy by Liberals works out. For example, they're using it in Kitchener to try to take back a couple of seats they say they lost in 2008 due to voter apathy among Liberals.

      For me, the focus might be a bit myopic. While they try to get Liberals to vote, the rest of the country seems to have passed them right by.

    • I thought Layton and Iggy were coalition buddies.
      What happened did Jack throw Iggy under the bus when Jack's numbers started going up in Bloc country

  6. Another Liberal ad that assumes everyone knows exactly what they're talking about- like the Facebook stalker one.
    Sometimes its better to have smart ads than fast-out-the-door ads.
    Nobody thinks of Harper and Layton as two sides of the same coin. This is an example of marketers trying to push a message they WANT their audience to get rather than finding one their audience CAN get.

  7. I hope it doesn't resonate with the general public since its pretty much the same appalling drivel that the Conservatives and the NDP have been pushing throughout the election.

    The <insert opposition party name here> will <insert out of context thing the electorate won't like> whereas the <insert ad buying party name here> LOVES FAMILIES!!

  8. Nice reminder that the Kelowa Accord, National Daycare, Kyoto and balanced budgets were all lost when Layton and the Conservatives defeated Martin government. Hope it resonates with the voters.

    • Not to mention HRDC, Adscam, Shawinigate, etc, which still resonates with the voters.

  9. Libs need to tighten up their message – Cons want to reduce taxes, NDP wants to raise them – two sides of same coin? wtf? And what do Libs want to do that will make us think of bills, not coins.

    Or maybe Libs think they are goldilocks – NDP too hot, Con too cold, Lib just right?

  10. Sorry, meant to ask: how effective "ads": are.

  11. Meant to ask: how effective ads are in the final week in the final week before an election?

  12. Seriously? The Liberal Party has to reach back to 1966??

    • Try 2006.

      • Watch the second ad carefully.

    • Funny thing is, MI was smiling and giving the thumbs up. Harper would have had a crowd circle him, shuffle him to safety, then checked every fan's facebook and had them audited. He got booed. Big deal — that what real politicians risk and can take.

  13. In the House of Commons,

  14. Liberal career politicians, Current Riding, First elected federally (Min. ten years):

    Larry Bagnell, Yukon (2000)
    Mauril Bélanger, Ottawa-Vanier, ON (1995 By-Election)
    Carolyn Bennett, St. Paul's, Ontario (1997)
    Scott Brison, Kings-Hants, NS (1997)
    Gerry Byrne, Humber-St. Barbe-Baie Verte, NL (1996 By-Election)
    John Cannis, Scarborough Centre, ON (1993)
    Denis Coderre, Bourassa Quebec (1997)
    Irwin Cotler, Mount Royal, QC (1999 By-Election)
    Roger Cuzner, Cape Breton-Canso, NS (2000)
    Stéphane Dion, St. Laurent-Cartierville, QC (1996 By-Election)
    Arnold Wayne Easter, Malpeque, PE (1993)
    Mark Eyking, Sydney-Victoria, NS (2000)
    Raymonde Folco, Laval-Les Iles, QC (1997)
    Hedy Fry, Vancouver Centre, BC (1993)
    Ralph Edward Goodale, Wascana, SK (1974–Note: not continuous)
    Albina Guarnieri, Mississauga East-Cooksville, ON (1988)
    Marlene Jennings, Notre Dame de Grace-Lachine, QC (1997)
    Jim Karygiannis, Scarborough-Agincourt, ON (1988)
    Dominic LeBlanc, Beauséjour, NB (2000)
    Derek Vincent Lee, Scarborough Rouge River, ON (1988)
    Lawrence A. MacAulay, Cardigan, PE (1988)
    Gurbax Singh Malhi, Bramalea-Gore-Malton, ON (1993)
    Keith Martin, Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca, BC (1993)
    John McCallum, Markham-Unionville, ON (2000)
    John Norman McKay, Scarborough-Guildwood, ON (1997)
    Dan McTeague, Pickering-Scarborough East, ON (1993)
    Peter Andrew Stewart Milliken, Kingston and the Islands, ON (1988)
    Maria Minna, Beaches-East York, ON (1993)
    Shawn Murphy, Charlottetown, PE (2000)
    Anita Neville, Winnipeg South Centre, MB (2000)
    Bernard Patry, Pierrefonds-Dollard, QC (1993)
    Marcel Proulx, Hull-Aylmer, QC (1999 By-Election)
    Bob Rae, Toronto Centre, ON (1978 By-Election, not-continuous)
    Geoff Regan, Halifax West, NS (1993)
    Judy Sgro, York West, ON (1999 By-Election)
    Paul John Mark Szabo, Mississauga South, ON (1993)
    Alan Tonks, York South-Weston, ON (2000)
    Giuseppe (Joseph) Volpe, Eglinton-Lawrence, ON (1988)
    Byron Wilfert, Richmond Hill, ON (1997)

    Note: Not all of these Liberal MPs are running for re-election.
    Does not indicate provincial or municipal elected experience.

    • Whike ther aer some lifers amongst that list I think the main criteria is: "Have they done anything else in their life besides be apolitician?"

      By that measure both Harper and Layton are pure politicans and lifers of the biggest sort.

    • Nearly everyone one of them had real jobs before — careers, even. Harper got his through his parliament connections and still hasn't put to use his economics degree (we'd be there if it was coming. etc)… Enlighten me on what Jack's training is — i'm not trying to be condescending; i just don't know. Everyone who has grey matter and not koolaid mush know Keith Martin and Carolyn Bennett are doctors, Scott Brison was a vp in a bank; maybe you can slam a good handful for being lawyers — which requires some effort.

  15. They don't know how to attack this. For the first few days of the NDP surge inexperience in government was the attack. Now it's that Jack is a career politician. Both are true enough, I suppose, but it's a mixed message.

  16. I kind of like the graphics, but the message is off.
    If Layton joining Harper to VONC Martin makes them "two sides of the same coin", what does that say about the NDP, Liberals and Bloc? Are they "three sides of the same coin"?

    Secondly, they seem to be attacking the NDP for being bad lefties – stopping progress on national daycare, and nearly killing the gun registry. Ironically, that may help the NDP by making them look less radical (I suspect that more extreme lefties are inclined to give the NDP the benefit of the doubt).

    They also picked some really dubious issues there. The gun registry may be supported by a majority of Canadians, but is only a voting issue for a small number. Those voters are generally gun-owners and strongly oppose the registry. National Daycare is also a funny issue to highlight, since it begs the question – if National Daycare was so great, how come it isn't in Ignatieff's platform (there is a watered down version, but you can't build a national daycare system for a billion dollars).

    I think there are a few lines of attack that need to be taken more seriously
    1. point out holes in the NDP platform – just the other day, Layton had to revise his estimates on cap and trade. The NDP's uncosted platform is more like a child's letter to Santa, not a program of government.
    2. Attack Jack. He lived in government subsidized housing while earning a family income of 120,000 (in the 80s). He has used private healthcare plenty of times, despite deriding it.
    3. Hidden agenda! It worked on Harper, and it can work for the left too. I'm sure Layton has scores of statements that make him sound like he comes from the loony left. This is a guy who lost by 20 points in a Toronto mayoral election.
    4. I think the lack of experience of the NDP team is a liability. Most of these guys don't just lack experience in government, they also lack experience in real life.

  17. The flip flop visiting professor is the "proven team"?
    Give me a break.

  18. The other element that they couldn't use in the ad — because they were one of the messy partners — was how Jack went into a hotel room with Gilles and Steve (in 2004) to consumate a powerplay, and was eager to get into a threesome (or so the cons sell it) in 2008 with Gilles and Stephane… No doubt that Jack's coziness with Steve H could be something that cuts close, but the polls are so all over the place that at the least election results may bump hockey playoffs in a majority of households…

  19. This ad makes the party look weak and desparate – as th ad just doesn't work – if there is one thing the majority of canadians could agree on is that the CPC and the NDP are NOT 2 side of the same coin so not only does the logic fall down but it makes Iggy look even more desparate than he already is. It is quite soemthing to sit back and watch the demise of the Liberal Party – make no mistake about it as that is what is happening in Canada – there are going to be alot of very frustrated liberlas the day after the polls close – the NDP have no desire now whatsoever to even think about a colation with losers – Jack is going for powere and dsiaffected liberlas will either renounce their existing loaylty and move to the NDP or have to wait for years and start rebuilding their party – Harper and Jack in the House and iggy's desk is already being moved into the basement at Stornaway