Marlene Jennings is sorry


An apology, of sorts, offered after Question Period yesterday.

Mr. Speaker, during the course of question period, I allowed my emotions to take over the calm, studied aspect of my personality that I am usually able to exhibit. The Minister of National Defence, responding to a question, in his typical fashion was going down to the lowest common denominator … In the heat and the anger at listening to the Minister of National Defence make his comments, I called him a “slime”. I wish to unreservedly withdraw my remarks calling the minister a slime and offer him my sincere apology for having called him a slime. It was unparliamentary. I apologize unreservedly.

John Baird, the government House leader, pronounced his disappointment with this and noted that the various House leaders have been making some effort to enforce calm on the proceedings. Indeed, there have been noticeable attempts at shushing of late—most notably on the part of Gordon O’Connor, the old general and now government whip, who will periodically rise from his seat and walk over to the spot of a heckler to have a brief word with the offender.


Marlene Jennings is sorry

  1. LOL this is classic!

  2. I can understand how voters, especially those with a somewhat conservative lean, could find MacKay an attractive candidate to vote for.

    But I cannot understand how any voter can enter a supposedly secret ballot location and cast an X beside Jennings name. She represents everything that is wrong with Canadian politics.

  3. "I allowed my emotions to take over the calm, studied aspect of my personality that I am usually able to exhibit".

    Did anyone in the House laugh out loud at that line?

  4. Fair. I equally cannot understand how anyone can put an X beside John Baird's name.
    He represents everything that is wrong with politics.

  5. "…in his typical fashion was going down to the lowest common denominator …"

    Cripes, what a backhanded apology.

  6. I think it's great that Gordon O'Connor is doing what you mentioned. I could see this kind of peer pressure within the House having a greater effect on decorum than some rule changes might be able to achieve.

  7. "The Minister of National Defence, responding to a question, in his typical fashion was going down to the lowest common denominator…"

    That little dig undermines the sincerity of the apology, don't you think? Makes you wonder why she even stood up to say anything, actually.

  8. John Baird: "Mr. Speaker, I, the House leader of the Bloc Québécois, the House leader of the NDP and especially my friend from Ottawa South, the Liberal House leader, are really working hard to try to increase the level of decorum and debate in this place. I would suggest the statement that the member has just made is not in keeping with that commitment. It says more about her than it does about her party."

  9. "The Minister of National Defence, responding to a question, in his typical fashion…"

    His typical fashion, of late, is to not respond at all.

  10. I apologize unreservedly.

    No, you didn't, Ms. Jennings. You inserted insulting digs as you offered this thoroughly hypocritical "apology." Do you know what that makes you, Ms. Jennings? Slime.

  11. And don't forget the jewell Pierre Pollieve

  12. Peter can go cry over his dog again….you know, the way he referred to Belinda?

  13. I think that was the whole point.
    She got to call him (the stooge who sold the PCs down the river) "slime" – 3 times and on the record no less!
    I am sure that the slime are consulting their lawyers to talk defamation suits.

  14. It's the sort of thing that a petulant ten-year-old might say when forced by an adult to apologize:

    "I'm sorry you were being such a stupid booger-head that I got mad and called you a stupid booger-head. It was rude for me to call you a booger-head, even though you are one, so I apologize." (sticks tongue out)

  15. I thought that was impressive how she worked in that she was apologizing for calling the Minister slime so many times.

    It was just a hair shy of her saying "I'm sorry that the Minister of Defence is slime".

  16. Aren't we all missing the big picture here?

    Apparently, the Minister of Defence was allowed to speak in public!

  17. Both funny and sad. She certainly is not the poster child for mutual co-operation…

  18. His typical fashion, of late, is to not respond at all

    I dunno…. rumour has it he may be responding to potential civilian job offers.
    Perhaps they are looking for a new Marlboro Man – and let's face it – he's used to putting up smokescreens.
    He'd be a Natural

  19. Re: defamation suits

    "Implicit in the concept of freedom of speech is the immunity of Members from civil or criminal prosecutions for words spoken within the legislature. There is lengthy judicial precedent supporting this ancient privilege and reinforcing the deference of the Courts to the legislature, at least in regards to matters spoken in the legislature."

    Erskine May defines the privilege of freedom of speech as follows: “Subject to the rules of order in debate …, a Member may state whatever he thinks fit in debate, however, offensive it might be to the feelings, or injurious to the character, of individuals; and he is protected by his privilege from any action for libel, as well as from any other question or molestation.”

  20. That was a crap apology. If she wasn't ashamed of herself yesterday, she should be today.

  21. It's like he and Canon have had some sort of "switch portfolios for a week" event.

  22. Or any of the 13 SK Muzzled Peons.

  23. I thought you were going to conclude with "If she wasn't ashamed of herself yesterday, she shouldn't have apologized".

  24. Well naturally Cons wouldn't like it. LOL

  25. So, Critter_Reasoning is upset that the slime do no have a legal leg to stand on?
    Does this mean Marlene can rest easy?

  26. Any word on whether anyone representing the slimes accepted the apology of being compared to the Minister of Defense?

  27. So, Critter_Reasoning is upset that the slime do no have a legal leg to stand on?

    Huh? No, I'm just trying to educate you about the concept of parliamentary privilege.

  28. Funny! Petulance so aptly describes the behavior of this vandalizing, infantile gov't that we elected in our crummy media-poll-dominated FPTP so-called democracy.
    Petulant confusion about the modern world drives this gov't, not ideology – just like the Mike-Harris wrecking crew.
    We can take a little petulance from frustrated opposition members. This kind of petulance is wrecking the country:
    "Can't have daycare
    Can't have Kelowna accord
    Can't have a working parliament and committees
    Can't have enough meat inspectors to keep people alive
    Can't have Insite or court challenge funding
    Can't have a working Elections Canada, Nuclear Safety Commission, R& D board, Ethics Commissioner, PBO, etc etc
    Can spend whatever we want stupid promotional billboards, on attack ads outside the writ period and on tax-funded fliers that spout lies
    na na na na na"

  29. Well, both work for me.

  30. That's one of the best Marlene Jennings impressions I've ever seen! You and Marlene are clearly on the same wavelength.

  31. I've never been so insulted in all my life

  32. So the next time you stand up and preach about how Parliament should be revered and supreme we will remember how you thought the gutter politics of Jennings " was impressive ".

  33. Exactly. Stay classy, Marlene.

  34. Marlene is waste of political space in the House and always has been – the lady has no class and quite frankly were I one of her constituents I would be quite ashamed to have her representing someone who voted for her although I can find no one who ever has I have always wondered about that!

  35. I agree—I did not know that the Conservatives were using Sargeant O`Connor to whip the CPC troops into line—good of Wherry to inform us.

    Any suggestions about who could serve a similar role on the Liberal side—the first move should be to place Jennings and Bennett away from the front desks.

  36. Or any of the useless CPC sacks who were elected within the old broadcast range of CHOI-FM.

  37. Yours is better, LKO. Showoff.

  38. Called sarcasm, Dave. After hearing MacKay dissembling on CBC – I think slime may be too kind,.

  39. I love it when the Cons do the pearl clutching – 'Well I never', routine.

  40. First of all, you clearly missed my sarcasm.

    Second, Parliament IS supreme and must remain so in our system if we're going to call ourselves a democracy. Parliamentarians on the other hand are often a$$es. I thought George W. Bush was an idiot, and harmful to the United States, but it wouldn't follow that I think that the office of the Presidency should be stripped of its constitutional powers. I also think most of the government benches up here are complete tools, but Parliament's still supreme (and yes, I'll still think that if the Tories ever hold a majority of the seats).

  41. SURE you are.

    Troop hater.

    ETA: Wait, on re-reading that I'm now not sure who's side NorthernPC was on. Perhaps your attempt to educate isn't actually an example of troop hating.

    You want to marry the troops, don't you?

  42. I love the interwebs.

  43. I can find no one who ever has

    Just checking, but have you ever asked anyone who lives in NDG-Lachine?

    This is MONTREAL we're talking about, and a bit of a federalist area to boot. As bad as Jennings is, given that their choices are: her, the Tories (in this riding, yeah right), the Bloc (yeah right) and the NDP (get the picture?) it's a slam dunk. You'd have needed the combined votes of all three of those parties in the last election to unseat her, and even then she'd only have lost by 3 points.

  44. I hope the next time Jennings is up for re-election somebody thinks of the children.

  45. Marlene Tony Clement/Peter MacKay is waste of political space in the House and always has been – the lady guy has no class and quite frankly were I one of her his constituents I would be quite ashamed to have her him representing someone who voted for her him although I can find no one who ever has I have always wondered about that!

  46. Well, I still can`t see the sarcasm in your original comment—-seems to me it is an accurate portrayal of Jennings attempting to assosciate the word slime with the Minister of Defence given by a partisan Liberal who approved of her actions.

    I`ll take your word on the reverence that you feel towards Parliament. I was just surprised to see you pass on the opportunity to criticize Jennings when she repeatedly referred to a Minister of the Crown as slime.

  47. Thankyou Jan
    conbots are just sarcasm-challenged – the unreasonable critter and blue both add to the proof right in this very thread.

  48. So are you thinking the slime might have sued Jennings? If so ……..
    check out the thread under Peterborough Dave above
    Although your metaphor is more elegantly crafted than mine, the unreasonable critter might deem yours is unworthy too.
    (something about Parliamentary privilege – obviously way above MY head)

  49. No, you've missed it again, though I guess I can see how I wasn't being clear, and it's one of those examples of sarcasm that doesn't come across well in print, but I was indeed being facetious.

    It IS an accurate portrayal of what Jennings said. The sarcasm was the notion that I was "impressed" by it. It wasn't meant as a compliment, it was meant as a "compliment". I actually WAS criticizing Jennings for her antics, I was just doing it in a tongue in cheek manner that I think is appropriate to the nature/severity of the offence. I did make a jokey criticism (because, come on, kinda a minor offence) but still, it was intended to be critical and mildly reproachful.

    (Though, as an aside, Peter MacKay is kinda slimy).

  50. OK, I'm borderline with blue sometimes, but implying that CR is a conbot is an insult to hard-working conbots who work so diligently memorizing their talking points.

    For Pete's sake, all he did was point out that you can't sue an MP for something they said in the HofC. Hell, arguably he was coming to the DEFENCE of Jennings in that sense, and then you inexplicably accused him of being "upset" that Jennings can't be sued because… he pointed out that Jennings can't be sued.

    When I read your second comment I actually initially thought that you were attacking CR for being a Liberal apologist.

  51. Yes, but the sarcasm is arguably the worst part of the whole thing.

    If you want to call MacKay slime then call him slime. OWN IT. If you feel that it was wrong to call MacKay slime then apologize sincerely. Giving a sarcastic "apology" is 6 year old passive aggressive, and while I'm not always sure what I want out of our Members of Parliament, I'm pretty sure that juvenile passive aggressiveness isn't on the list.

  52. So, your argument is that the current Conservative government is wrecking the country, so we should all band together and work to defeat them through the power of grade school passive aggressiveness?

  53. I'm here all week.

  54. Who knows? Maybe NorthernPoV is a talented impressionist.

    Further downthread, she did a pitch-perfect impersonation of Marlene Jennings. Here, she's gifting us with her "Emily" impression. I can't say I'm a fan, but you have to respect the artistry.

  55. Yeah, I'm not quite sure what was happening there. It was probably a reflex. Some people don't like to be educated, and partisan blog commenters are notoriously difficult to teach.

    On the bright side, NorthernPoV learned something new today. However small the difference may be, she's a bit less ignorant than she was yesterday. That's got to count for something.

  56. They're such an earnest bunch. If they're so shocked by the use of sarcasm, they obviously don't watch QP.

  57. In Canada, passive aggression is our most highly developed social skill. I, for one, delight in seeing it practised creatively in public fora.

    However, I do agree that sometimes is important to "own" the slime – this cleanses the passive agressive palate.

  58. LKO—sometimes you`re borderline too but you hit the nail on the head here.

  59. I'm not so much shocked by the use of sarcasm as I am annoyed by the juvenile passive aggressiveness.

  60. When did I ever come close to acting like a conbot!?!?

    (lol, j/k!)

  61. ah yes…
    We unworthy cower so in the glow of such an erudite intellect as the unreasonable critter.

    the legal impediments barring an imaginary entity (the slime – who have no legs to stand on, legal or otherwise) from suing are so much more compelling than the absurd basis of the sarcasm – such a biting slight – oh the shame…..

  62. Maybe he was being sarcastic…

  63. WHAT???!!!??? You mean the majority of voters voted AGAINST her? Well, how can she possibly show her illegitimate face in public, I wonder…