Meanwhile, at the Canadian Liver Foundation -

Meanwhile, at the Canadian Liver Foundation

What happens when your fundraiser is featured in an attack ad


The Canadian Liver Foundation can’t be entirely sure how many of the donations they received Monday and Tuesday were related to the inclusion of Justin Trudeau’s striptease in Conservative attack ads—yesterday, Mr. Trudeau made donating to the foundation  part of the official Liberal response—the CLF says they have noticed an increase in web traffic and online donations. This was the word from Melanie Kearns, vice president of marketing and communications, on Tuesday afternoon.

On any given day, Canadians donate to the Canadian Liver Foundation via phone, online or mail for various reasons and those reasons are not always disclosed. While some individuals have specifically stated that they are donating on behalf of Mr. Trudeau, others have mentioned other reasons or not provided a reason at all. At this point, we would estimate that the amount generated as a result of all the media coverage has more than tripled the amount raised by Mr. Trudeau’s auction item at our fundraising event. Since we do not want to under or over-estimate the funds raised however, I cannot provide you with a definitive amount.

This situation has helped provoke a great deal of conversation about our cause and the need for support for liver disease research and education which we hope will benefit all Canadians with liver disease.

That auction for lunch with Mr. Trudeau raised $1,900.

So the Conservatives get to question Mr. Trudeau’s credibility, Mr. Trudeau gets to claim the high road and the Canadian Liver Foundation raises some money. For once, everyone wins.


Meanwhile, at the Canadian Liver Foundation

  1. Clearly the Harper Conservatives suffer from Trudeau Derangement Syndrome… Their fear of him has made them desperate, irrational and thoroughly deplorable.

    • After listening to part one of the CBC interview with Trudeau, it appears Harper wants to audition for the part of Dr. Strangelove.

      • And Mansbridge already got the job of being Justin’s BFF. Justin doesn’t have to worry about spending money on campaign ads; it’s clear the CBC will do the ad campaigning free of charge for Justin.

        • Repost from Mark Whitbread – Stephen Harper appointed the
          entire board of directors and the President of the CBC. I’m just wondering why Canada’s top
          Conservative would appoint left-biased / right-wing CEOs and Directors to run
          the CBC.

          The board, including president Hubert Lacroix, were all
          appointed by the Conservative government. Among the directors are figures with
          ties to the party or conservative politics — notably Montreal lawyer Brian
          Mitchell, who once ran for the party presidency and sat on its national

          Pierre Gingras, appointed earlier this year, is a former
          member of Quebec’s ADQ party. Director George Cooper is a former Progressive
          Conservative MP for Halifax.

          Montreal lawyer Remi Racine, appointed to the board in 2007,
          was once national secretary of the Progressive Conservative party. He told a
          Montreal newspaper in 2008 that he was still a card-carrying party member and
          was close with John Baird, now foreign affairs minister, and former minister
          Jim Prentice.

          • And Mansbridge has been appointed by…….?

    • “…has made them … irrational and thoroughly deplorable.”
      You mean more than normal?

  2. Our household made two donations (I made one; my husband made one) and we specifically mentioned that we were making them as a result of the CLF’s fine defence of Mr. Trudeau’s fundraising efforts on their behalf – and, indeed, of all donors and volunteers.

    • Hiya, DM, and good for you! I donated to both CLF and LPC after seeing the ad. And it felt good, tucking that money into JT’s g-string, haha.

      • Hi back, patchouli. It beats the fantasy of tucking it into SH’s.

  3. I donated too. Kudos both to Justin Trudeau for suggesting this and to CLF for defending his fundraising earlier efforts.

  4. There’s probably a CRA audit in the works. Hope the Liver Foundation has its books in order.

    • Perhaps not. Remember that CRA has had to cut it’s compliance staff.

      • True, and they’re probably pretty busy auditing all those shady environmental groups.

  5. You missed an important link Aaron:

  6. Liberal party was asking for $5 donations to counter Con advertising. I know of 2 people who contributed $100 to the Liberal party and 3 others who made a contribution in an undisclosed amount just to show Harper that we are disgusted by these attack ads.

  7. I think the CLF should be thanking the CPC for the free publicity.

  8. Donated and looking forward to 2015 :)

  9. Justin Trudeau has a serious head injury on the upper side of his left temple if the photograph from p. 65 of “The Life and Times and Passing of Pierre Trudeau” is accurate. At any rate Canadians do not want another mentally defective Prime Minister from Quebec at the helm in Ottawa. Our tax rates are already mentally defective. So is our national public debt.
    Vote for Stephen Harper. Vote for Canada.
    God bless Canada and the Queen.