Meanwhile, in Calgary... -

Meanwhile, in Calgary…

Justin Trudeau gives a speech about Keystone XL


This morning in Calgary, Justin Trudeau addressed the Petroleum Club and spoke about Keystone XL, natural resources and environmental policy and how he thinks the Harper government has failed. Here is the text.

What should the government have done? Well, I’ll tell you what I would do:

First, I’d be transparent about what I believe to be the national interest. As I said, that means we need to open markets to our resources, and facilitate the creation of pathways to those markets in responsible, sustainable ways.

I would have joined and contributed to the provincial government, industry, and civil society efforts to build a national energy strategy. Part and parcel of that strategy ought to be a national approach to pipelines and development, within an overall framework that includes a policy that puts a price on carbon pollution…

If we had stronger environmental policy in this country: stronger oversight, tougher penalties, and yes, some sort of means to price carbon pollution, then I believe the Keystone XL pipeline would have been approved already.

Last week, Andrew Leach attempted to push the carbon-pricing conversation forward.


Meanwhile, in Calgary…

  1. Yaaaaaaay Justin!

    • Yaaaaaay EmilyOne for cheerleading the boy! I can see the pompoms twirling in your hands!

      Give me a J, give me a U, give me an S, give me a T, give me an I, give me an N!


      Are you blond, EmilyOne.

      • no she’s gray and becoming senile

      • Not even Liberal, Fran

        • “Yaaaaaaaay” is an odd reaction for a non-partisan.

          Partisan (ˈpɑːtɪzan,ˌpɑːtɪˈzan/) (noun):
          1) a strong supporter of a party, cause, or person.

          I wouldn’t describe “yaaaaaaay” as lukewarm support.

          • (not to say that Francien is any better… frankly you two deserve each other)

          • Frannie and I are two totally different people with totally different ideas….however both of us have the right of free speech.

            Disagree with either of us….but don’t be rude.

          • “don’t be rude”….gee Em, good advice coming from someone who called me a “dim-witted hick” in another thread around this same time. Do you have any insight into your own behavior?

          • A “dim-witted hick” is Bean’s phrase, not mine.

          • Well Em, imitation is the highest form of flattery and I don’t think you were channeling “bean” and directing his rudeness toward me, were you?

          • Can’t recognize quote marks either eh? You were right there when he said it. LOL

            Now then…..don’t you have something better to do?

          • How could I possibly have been “right there when he said it?”

          • Maybe you’re magic….now go to bed.

          • Aw mom…it’s only 10:40 pm here….

          • I know, but it’s 1PM in Taipei, and I’m busy.

          • Actually no, Emily, you’re lying again. It was Ron Waller who offered that term up, he being a typical “progressive” bigot who gets his rocks off raining contempt down on Alberta and Albertans. I called him on his bigotry, and you supported his bigotry.

          • Was it?

            I recall you saying it, but maybe I’m remembering your quote….and I replied that what you’re calling ‘bigots’ aren’t required to be tolerant of dim-witted hicks.

          • Stay tolerant, enlightened and progressive, Emily. Anyway, a cursory look at Cosh’s comment thread shows that it’s Ron who introduced the term to the discussion, I who called him on his bigotry and you who enthusiastically endorsed said bigotry, like the flame bait that you are:


          • Okay….if it was Ron, it was Ron.

            However, you are a shining example of what he said.

          • I was happy he made a good political move….that doesn’t make me a Liberal

  2. Good timing. I hear libs on the left of the party grumbling about JT going to Washington and giving a thumbs up to keystone; I was wondering when the other shoe would drop.
    Great timing( lucky I guess) considering the Tory convention across the way will be talking about anything but a national energy strategy.
    You could sum up the Trudeau strategy as…The longer he’s PM and covers himself in crud(e) the more this little shiny pony looks pretty good by contrast.

    • Why is it good timing for Justin.

      Would it not be better timing for Justin to talk about energy and pipelines at the time when many more Liberals have been caught with their hands in the cooky jar!

      Seems to me that would be much better timing for Justin to change the channel and for Wherry to change it for him!

      • It’s likely that many of those same Petroleum club members will be taking a stroll across the street to the CPC convention. You don’t think some of them will wonder if it is worth the effort?

      • Somehow, I don’t think Trudeau needs or values your counsel on timing and strategy. Right now he’s doing much better in the polls than your boy Pinocchio Harper.

        • Actually, the two parties are only 1 point apart in the polls despite the senate scandal.

          • Sorry, your page wouldn’t load. I got mine from the front page of today’s Globe and Mail.

          • Here’s the lede paragraph from the item:

            Tuesday, October 29, 2013

            Conservative support reaching historic lows

            As Conservatives gather in Calgary for the start of the party convention on Thursday, Tory fortunes have reached a nadir since Stephen Harper won the 2006 election. If an election were held today, the Conservatives could potentially be dealt their worst electoral showing in decades.

          • Funny.. Lead story at.the Globe and Mail says that despite Senate scandal, Tories only one point behind Liberals in polls. They say the Liberals are at 31 percent and the Tories at 30 percent in the polls. Interesting stuff.

          • I just read the Globe item to which you refer. The discrepancy may arise from the fact that it’s reporting the results of one pollster’s latest survey (Ipsos Reid) while the ThreeHundredEight one uses some formula to amalgamate and weight the recent findings of all the major polling firms in the field.

            Here’s another “blended” summary:


            it also shows the Cons’ support melting away so the Globe’s Ipsos Reid conclusion might be something of an outlier.

            In any event, as you say, interesting stuff.

  3. Hey Wherry, purveyor of all things Duffy…

    1) What is this?
    2) Why is it not on your blog? Looks kind of important.

    • Yawn…seen it already. Either here or on cbc.

    • doesn’t suit his narrative

      • Bingo

      • Yup. They made sure they had their story straight. This is gonna blow the doors offa this thing…

    • That does look potentially “important”, but I’m not sure yet what it signifies. BOTH Duffy AND Wright claim that Woodcock knew about the $90,000 cheque, so am I to assume from this email that the suggestion is that Wright lied in his affidavit?

      • Also, that Duffy is telling a completely different tale than he did originally regarding where he got the money. He seems to have no difficulty with telling a lie when it suits his needs. Yet the journalists aren’t reminding the public of this.

        • Fair point, but a cynic could argue that Woodcock was writing Duffy on the night the story came out to make sure that Duffy was keeping his story straight and telling the RIGHT lie, i.e. the one they’d all agreed upon.

          I certainly agree that Duffy is untrustworthy and was involved in inappropriate schemes, it’s just that he’s one of about FIVE untrustworthy people who were involved in the inappropriate schemes, all of whom were appointed by the PM, and three of whom were close advisors to the PM in the PMO.

          And I’m actually willing to believe that no one told the PM anything, but if that’s the case then it seems clear to me that they all knew that what they were doing was wrong, and they wanted to allow the PM to maintain “plausible deniability”. Which makes me wonder what other little schemes the PMO has been up to while keeping the PM’s hands clean, and what it means that the PM’s closest hand-picked advisors, and Senators that he appointed to the legislature have been acting this way.

        • Also, that Duffy is telling a completely different tale than he did originally regarding where he got the money.

          I’ve got no issue whatsoever with anyone’s reluctance to believe Duffy, but it’s worth pointing out for the record that Duffy says that the story he initially told was a script that he memorized that was given to him by the PMO.

          I believe that Duffy’s stated position is that HE (Duffy) didn’t even know himself that the cheque was written by Wright personally. He says he was only told that Wright was going to handle things, and that he should stop saying that he wasn’t obliged to pay the money back (given that the expense claims had been approved by the Senate, and the PMO had ALSO told him they were fine). Duffy says he was told that he was to go along with the story that he decided to pay the money back in order to stop the issue from distracting the government, and that he should stop telling people that the PMO had told him that his expenses were fine and within the rules.

          Duffy’s position is basically that everyone had been telling him that there weren’t any problems with his expenses, and so he wanted to fight, and the PMO talked him out of it.

          • I am fairly sure Duffy knew in his heart that one of the rules of being a senator was that you cannot accept money from anyone. Otherwise, he would have announced to all that a good friend or group of friends bailed him out when he didn’t think he actually even owed the money. He knew the money came from somewhere and it wasn’t allowed because he went along with the lie that he paid it off himself as though he had taken a loan to do so. If he wants to now pretend that he was a complete dupe, he really should take an IQ test because unless he falls into the severely low intellect portion of the scale, “I am an idiot” isn’t really a good defense for “I did not know the rules and let some shyster talk me into committing crimes against my better judgment.”

          • Oh, I think it’s plausible that EVERYONE knew in their hearts that the Wright deal was fishy, that’s the logical explanation for why they all kept it so secret. However, Duffy’s not arguing that he thought that getting someone else to pay the money back was above board, he’s arguing that he still doesn’t think the money should have been paid back period, that he refused to pay it back himself, and that he only went along with the whole “the PMO will take care of this for you then” plan because the PM told him to (and Duffy doesn’t say that the PM knew that Wright was going to cut a cheque himself, but that the last thing that the PM said to him was that the money needed to be paid back, and he was leaving it in Wright’s hands to make sure that happened). I don’t think Duffy’s arguing that he was “duped”, or that he naively thought that this was all above board, he’s arguing that this plan was orchestrated by the PMO, and while he didn’t want to go along with it, he didn’t feel that he had much choice.

            In retrospect, he could have rejected the offer from the PMO to take care of this, kept fighting, and declared publicly that his expenses had been approved by the Senate, and that Nigel Wright had also told him he hadn’t broken any rules, so he wasn’t paying any money back. However, ironically, he would argue that he didn’t do so at the time because he was afraid that the PMO and PM would turn on him if he did so.

          • It is strange that Duffy’s experience was so different than Wallin’s or Brazeau’s. If there was so much concern in the PMO about questionable “campaign expenses”, why wasn’t Wallin, an avid CPC campaigner approached like Duffy was by Wright and offered her own ‘gift’ OR did Duffy do the approaching to Wright and complain and start the ball rolling on his “gift” from a friend.
            He claims the PM was forcing him, yet in an extortion situation, if the PM is doing the intimidating & extorting of Duffy shouldn’t the cash be going the opposite direction? Meanwhile, where is Duffy’s big bombshell? Would Harper be so vicious with Duffy if Duffy could bury him?

          • It seems to me that with Wallin, she’s proclaimed her innocence every bit as much, and attacked the “flawed” audit, and new rules being applied to her after the fact (and after her expenses had already been approved) same as Duffy. The differences being 1) For whatever reason the Duffy stuff got more attention at the time in the media, 2) Wallin had the money to pay back the expenses (or was willing/able to get a loan to do so) and 3) when they told Wallin to pay back the money she just did, even though she didn’t think she should have to, whereas Duffy raised a stink and wanted to fight.

            Also, if we believe that the PM simply told Wright to get this done, but didn’t actually expect Wright to pay for it himself, then that’s sill consistent with the notion of the PM intimidating (not sure I’d go so far a “extorting”) Duffy on the file. Unlike Wallin, when they told Duffy to pay back the money, he said no. THAT’s when the “fine, we’ll figure out a way to pay it for you, but here’s what you’re gonna say when we do” plan was hatched. Arguably, the PM (and other senior Tories) weren’t trying to get money from Duffy per se, they were trying to get the expenses re-paid and hopefully thereby kill the story. For all of the high-minded “making the taxpayers whole” rhetoric, I’m too cynical to buy that rationalization. This wasn’t about respecting the taxpayers (if it was, they never would have allowed these expenses in the first place, and Wright certainly wouldn’t have told Duffy that they were OK). This was about getting the media to stop talking about Duffy’s expenses, and (fingers crossed) get them to stop pointing out that maybe Duffy isn’t eligible to be a Senator from PEI at all.

            From the point of view of the principals, I don’t believe that this was about giving money back to the treasury initially at all. This was about changing the narrative to “the money’s been paid back, let’s all move on”, and “why are you still harping on an issue that’s been settled?” It was arguably naive to think that this plan would get reporters to stop writing negative stories about all of this, but that was certainly the rationale for the scheme.

            As for Brazeau, he’s an outlier imho. The criminal assault charges make his case totally different from the others imho, and in some senses the expense problems with Brazeau are arguably secondary as a result. Plus, if you just hang Brazeau out to dry and let him swing in the wind, you’re not losing one of your party’s most successful fundraisers.

  4. A Trudeau. Talking about a National Energy Program. I’m sure that went over just gangbusters in Alberta. At least we now know his plan is to bankrupt the country the same way his father did. I’m just glad he’s not hiding it anymore.

    • We could always not think nationally and leave everything entirely to the provinces to decide.

      In which case, good luck to Alberta in their efforts to get a pipeline through B.C.

      • Alberta can pay off BC just fine. Trudeau will be demanding that Alberta pay off the entire country. Alberta does just fine when the federal government doesn’t start mucking around in their business.

        • “Pay off”…interesting choice of words there tricky Ricky. You seem to be picking up bad habits from above your pay scale. Projecting a bit maybe?

          • Projecting a bit much when Mac Harb did the right thing by resigning but coming to the defense of Wallin, Duffy and Brazeau for wanting to stay in the senate WITH pay!

          • Ooh! Distraction noodle!

          • Harb resigned to protect his pension…he did the right thing for his bank account.

          • Justin Trudeau wants the federal government to be the nation’s dope dealer, he wants to hand out free heroin to smack addicts, and now he’s encouraging extortion amongs the provinces. I’m wondering if there are any criminal enterprises in this country that he doesn’t want the federal government to take over.

            I’m just saying the guy’s not soft on crime, he’s pro-crime.

          • LOL wow, Duffy really has you upset!

          • He’s fond of yoga and a habs fan too…clearly it’s the kindest thing to take the guy out behind the barn and off him – for Canada Rick.

        • That sounds an awful lot like “If the feds just stay out of the way, provincial government X can simply bribe provincial government Y into ignoring the citizens of Y”.

          • Ferengis….which most Cons are….think you can buy anything

          • I thought the Ferengi were the lost tribe of Israel.

          • No…I think it has more to do with BC’s premier stating her province wouldn’t get enough money out of the pipeline to make it worth their while to take the risks. She asked for a piece of the profits.

    • Well, the dynamics at this time may be a bit different from back in the 80’s.

      Firstly, seems that some of the larger players in the industry are a bit more strategic than they may have been back then, and recognize that carbon pricing may well become the way of the world.

      They also recognize that it is important to get all your ducks lined up in a row in order to move forward on a project, and if that includes ensuring the process to approve and develop a pipeline is well vetted from an environmental standpoint and effectively coordinated across jurisdictions.

      To them its a form of risk mitigation

      In contrast, the Harper government approach is like a bull in a china shop, my way or the highway, and they are reaping the results of that.

      As for a National policy, why does that offend you so? Its well known that the establishment of a national securities regulator is a cherished goal of this government, how is establishment of a national energy strategy including a national approach to pipelines really any different?

      By contracst just look at the job training strategy that this government is taking . . . how has their approach been working out for them?

      • Because the last time a Trudeau implemented a National Energy Program it brought the nation to brink of bankruptcy, and is basically the only reason this country has any debt. You’d have to be insane to want to try that experiment again, knowing what the consequences were last time around.

        • I think an informed reading of the situation would show it was not the NEP on its own that brought the nation to the brink.

          All the advanced western economies suffered similar difficulties as a result of the oil shocks and high interest rates, and Canada was not unique in that regard.

          And certainly, the NEP was predicated on the world crude price, which promptly collapsed, that probably had a greater cause of the depth of difficulties that Alberta was thrust into.

          In a way, some of the difficulty in making the case for the proposed KXL pipeline is due in significant part to the lack of a pressing need for it on the part of the US; I get the distinct impression that the availability of non-conventional crude sources from fracking in places like North Dakota caught our government by surprise; until about last year they seemed to be blissfully unaware that that source of US domestic supply was ramping up.

          • Complete and utter BS.
            I saw the line ups of Canadian rigs being moved across the border to drill in the US after the NEP, and many of my co workers went to work there.
            If the oil shock hit all countries, why did those Canadian rigs move to the US?
            Before the NEP there were 650 rigs drilling in Alberta, when the smoke cleared there were only 150.

            The NEP forced western Canada to sell it’s oil to eastern canada for 75% of it’s value.

          • Oh, please don’t upset the little lefty’s preferred narrative with inconvenient facts like that. It’s mean.

        • You’re blaming PET for the last seven years of CPC deficit spending? I think that needs a little explaining…

      • You can’t reason with him, he’s a half wit. Just look at his reply below.

  5. we already have a nat’l energy strategy: build northern gateway, keystone and canada east. Less talkee more buildee. The little prince is trolling for votes, fine, give the baby his bottle…

    • How’s THAT strategy going bud?

      • Faster than Justin’s..

        • Is that so. Gateway is nowhere. Keystone is still up in the air, and the eastern line has some headwinds too. As for those trains? Better not go there right now eh! You make a very effective case.

  6. Good on Justin for making the carbon connection. Not sure why Aaron thinks Andrew Leach is making that connection too. To the contrary, Leach has always underestimated – and in fact ignored — the carbon component to the keystone issue. He seems to think its all about spills and not GHGs.

  7. I wonder what Wherry will do when many more Liberals are being caught with their hands in the cooky jar! I wonder, when Harper wants to point that out, if Wherry would THEN want to switch to anything but the senate!

    Justin giving a speech in Calgary you say! Who must care, Wherry. Harper having signed a EU trade deal – move along, folks, nothing to see! The senate, the senate and the scandals need to have priorities straightened out

    The media is a walking a tight rope, and they know it but don`t want to talk about THAT:

    When Mac Harb resign after HE claimed false expenses, the media thinks Mac Harb did the right thing!

    When PM Harper wants the other senators who did exactly what Mac Harb
    did, suspended without pay because PM Harper cannot fire those senators
    even if he wanted to, then the media thinks Harper does the wrong

    To begin with, Harper was bad because Duffy was bad!

    Now Harper is bad because Duffy is good!

    Members of the media have nothing on Harper. It is not Harper walking
    a fine line here! It is the media now in full damage control, trying to
    cover up their very own inconsistencies!

    Pathetic how members of our media no longer understand the meaning of
    reason and logic! Pathetic how Duffy`s actions, then bad, then good
    (!), are being used by the media to put the blame on Harper either way!

    Guess what, members of the media: you can`t have it both ways!
    Ordinary Canadians know that much! And that is why the vast majority of
    Canadians support Harper to suspend those senators without pay! The
    common man, who Harper represents in the House of Commons, understands
    what needs to be done! And they will stand on Harper`s side for doing
    the right thing!

    But don`t worry too much, members of the media: soon, when it will be
    revealed that Mac Harb is not the only Liberal senator who will be
    caught with his hands in the cooky jar! Soon there will be many more to
    talk about. And my bet is, that then suddenly the members of the media
    will want this scandal to go away!

    I can hear them already: “What is Harper doing, still talking about
    those senators! No need to keep that in the news for months and months
    on end! How wrong for the PM of this country to never talk about
    anything else but the senate and its scandals!!!“

    Members of the media: you are walking a tight rope indeed.

    • Justin Trudeau is The Man. And he got here Just in time. Because it’s Justin Time. Get it?

      • LOL

    • Sigh…if only this format had a show less, much less feature.

    • Gic

  8. Statscan definition of average Canadians in 1959 was a mistake. Since then no plans for Canadian Prosperity has existed. Will baby boomers ever wake up and do the maths? What about balanced budgets for all Canadians with wellness and dignity. Average Canadians are already in poverty and just don’t know it yet! Crown assets being sold at record levels. Farmers like Peaceful Frank Myers losing ancestral historical home for military training; sounds like Sudan. Government corruption is a global disease. The rich get richer and the poor have babies.

    • You are nuts.

  9. What a dinosaur, climate change is a joke, and the poor sap doesn’t realize it….

  10. We’re going to need all the pot we can get if this dufus ever becomes PM…