Meet the new guy


Please welcome another addition to the Macleans.ca political team: Nick Taylor-Vaisey. His first morning tease, a daily look at the morning news and the day ahead, is here. Much more to come.

The Tease joins Politics on TV and our weekly bureau videos in the new additions to our political coverage.

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Meet the new guy

  1. Perhaps the first assignment for the “Tease” would be for him to explain to the Leave it to Beaver crowd at Macleans that Politics on TV is not on TV.

    Believe me, I know. With the bunny ears fully extended by an outstretched arm out the window, I’ve searched 2-13, VHF, UHF and it is no where to be found.

  2. Nick Taylor-Vaisey?

    I do not trust those with hyphenated surnames.
    These folks lead one to believe they are indecisive at best, and conflicted at worse.

  3. Someone picked a heck of a day to join a political reporting team. Interesting times…

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