Meet the new Liberal party


The anonymous agonizing over the party’s leadership starts here.

“I’m still uncomfortable with what he schemed,” one Liberal, speaking on condition of anonymity, said … If Rae stayed on it would be divisive for the party, one senior Liberal told HuffPost. “It creates division, it creates a lack of trust, a credibility problem with this renewal, it creates cynicism, ‘there we go ahead, the same old, same old, backroom, stuff’… It’s not helpful,” he said … 

The Liberal Party has gotten itself into jams by spending too much time trying to screw each other over during leadership bids, another caucus member said. “(Rae’s) already lost the leadership twice … We shouldn’t try to use technical rules to block him,” the Liberal said … “If Bob decides the conditions are there and he’s has a clear shot at winning, he’ll still have to explain to party members his change of heart.” “Rae might dissuade marginal candidates, but he might also coalesce people who want someone else,” another Liberal said, adding, “Bob is a pretty controversial figure.”


Meet the new Liberal party

  1. Why is it the Libs attract turncoat sneaky tax happy leaders?  Trudeau was an NDP supporter calling them all sorts of names..then he turned Lib and the stupid Canadian public elected him! He still carried the NDP notions of tax and spend with him. His other members of the “3 wise men” were the same.
    Now they have the same formula with Bob Rae . Like the Serpent in the Garden, he whispered in the ear of St Denis, and gave her the turncoat virus. 
    What a bunch!    AC

  2. As far as I am concerned it is up to those at the party convention to decide the next leader of the Liberals. If Rae wishes to run as leader then thats ok, it is up to the voters to decide the issue of leadership not some party members who either have issues with Rae’s pass or see a future for the party best achieved without Rae.

    The liberal party has been as succesful as it has been cause the members represent enough of the population of Canada that the nation has very often agreed with members of the Liberal party as to whom would make the best PM, and voted liberal as a result, lets return to that system. It is one thing for a parting PM to select who he/she thinks in the liberal party would make the best replacment but in the end it must be the members that decide.

    The best leaders are those that know how to follow. In modern political parties like the Liberal party the 1st step in leadership is following the will of the masses within the party as who shall be the leader of the party. Not use their influence/power to exclude those that wish to run for leadership, more so when it comes to someone like Bob Rae with his experience in provincial and international politics/affairs. Bob Rae’s resume is impressive regardless if you agree with him on issues that matter to you or not and it should be up to those that truly matter in the liberal party to decide whether he is right for the job as leader and possible PM of Canada, not some that see themselves as elite with their own agendas that are more important then the will of the party members they are part of.

  3. If only one Liberal is uncomfortable with what Rae is planning, the party needs to take a good look before it is destroyed by Rae.

    • Obviously some people are not aware of what Rae did to Ontario with the NDP and now he wants to do the same thing to Canada, The Liberal party has enough problems without him at the heln.

      • I hope these Liberals know what they are doing.

      • Yes, it seems you’re not familiar at all with what he did.

  4. Wow, Harper’s propoganda machine is hard at work here I see.  Love Bob Rae, think he’d be an amazing PM of Canada and for the Canadian people.

    • It has’nt got anything to do with Harper. It has to do with The Liberal Party of Canada selecting  someone with intelligence to lead and its not Rae.

  5. Do the libs not remember Bob’s Ontario

    • You mean the Ontario where he forced his own public union supporters to take time off without pay to try to balance the books?

      Or the Rae that did not go through with taking over the auto-insurance industry?

      Or do you mean the Ontario where landlords literally bought $25,000 advertisements in the Wall Street Journal warning businesses to stay out of Ontario when he got elected?

    • I do remember Bob’s Ontario. It’s the one where Public Sector Unions got so mad at being asked to take unpaid days off so they could keep their jobs they elected Mike Harris.

      And then Harris proceeded to fire them by the truckload.

  6. At least four “different” posters here seem to have very similar names, sentiments, and writing style…

  7. If Rae wants to run for permanent leader, he should relinquish the interim leadership. Now.

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