‘Members of the Conservative government will be disrupted from this point on’


On Friday, Joe Oliver was interrupted during an announcement by a doctor and medical student protesting government cuts to refugee health care.

More on the concerns of doctors here. Greg Fingas considers the ethics of disrupting a government announcement.

There’s been plenty of debate about the protest which caused Joe Oliver to move a funding announcement. But I’d think there’s a more fundamental question we should ask about the event, particularly when the indignant response of the event host was to the effect that “this is an important announcement!”.

To wit: how exactly is it important for the Cons to be able to dictate that a public venue serve as a resistance-free backdrop for their PR efforts?


‘Members of the Conservative government will be disrupted from this point on’

  1. Nailed that one, Greg!

  2. Hats off to these two fine Canadians for standing up to these Conservative clowns.

    • I’m sure there’s a tax paying Canadian dying on a waiting list somewhere that would strongly disagree with you.

  3. Counterproductive. If protest is guaranteed, that just means tighter, more heavy-handed security in the room. It won’t appear any different in the news clips.

    • Good lord, tighter than what??? Has there been a more tight-assed, self-serving, insulated, “you don’t need to know” media strategy in modern Canadian political history?

    • Tighter, more heavy-handed security leads to its own stories, however. A reporter inside the building hear’s a scream of “Don’t taze me bro!” from outside, how much attention is said reporter now paying to whatever announcement is being made?

  4. Only in Canada! These leftists are hilarious. Protesting cuts to refugee healthcare, while at the same time we can’t afford to give taxpaying Canadians proper healthcare, and these leftists get outraged at the mere thought of allowing people to buy their own healthcare.

    I think it’s great that we provide healthcare to refugee’s, but I also think the government’s priority should be providing healthcare for Canadian citizens, especially if we’re not going to allow people to purchase their own healthcare services.

    We have Canadians dying in waiting rooms and on waiting lists. Perhaps funding for refugee healthcare would be better provided by a charity or non-profit of some type while our governments gets their own funding in order.

    • The American style political pitch of the Harper Government works for some, but it falls apart when faced with actual facts, logic and knowledgeable people, as opposed to generalized resentment of some group whose individual circumstances people know nothing about, supposedly getting too good a deal. It’s always the same pitch, always based on resentment, ignorance and anecdotes, rather than facts.

      • Oh give me a break. Do you try hard to come off sounding so pompous? All “knowledgeable people” are non-Conservative’s?

        Have you considered that it might be about *money*? We have a shortage of healthcare funding in this country. You think that some of that money should be spent on fraudulent refugees. I think it should be spent on Canadian taxpayers who need it. You call that resentment, I call that looking after Canadians interests. All I need to know about their individual circumstances is that they lied to try to get into Canada. You think such fraud should be encouraged, I think it should be stopped.

        The problem with your American-style left-wing drive-by smear is that your “argument” contains no substance. You simply claim to personally be the sole arbiter of truth and reason, ipso facto anybody who disagrees with you is not just wrong, but evil too. Take a hike.

  5. Bravo for those two! I have a feeling we’re going to see a lot more actions like this, seeing as the blockhead CorproCons won’t consult with or listen to the appropriate agencies that, unlike them, actually know what is going on.
    It’s going to be a hot, hot summer, Harper!

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