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An opinion piece published Friday in the Globe and Mail by Tom Flanagan, a past Conservative campaign director, suggested that ethnic voters are “easier to woo” than Quebec voters in Harper’s quest for a majority.

“Ethnic voters don’t rally to the fashionable causes of the left, such as gay marriage, carbon neutrality and the 100-mile diet; and they don’t make many demands except to be accepted as good Canadians,” wrote Flanagan.

Chong disagreed. “New Canadians are as diverse as the population at large,” said Chong, and the party has to continue to broaden its appeal, not through narrow-casting, but by presenting a moderate, diverse political option.


Michael Chong Maverick Watch

  1. “The [Conservative] party has to continue to broaden its appeal, not through narrow-casting, but by presenting a moderate, diverse political option.”

    This is probably the reason you see the Conservatives shut down media access to their Convention in Winnipeg. It’s difficult to create the illusion of a moderate political party when base supporters are in the media with their reform-alliance-right-wing points of view.

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  2. Michael Chong also resigned his cabinet position in protest of the government’s resolution recognizing “the Québécois nation”; he’s quickly becoming my favourite Conservative MP.

  3. From the same Toronto Star article:

    Kenney cited moves like cutting the $975 “head tax” or immigration fee in half, allowing more Vietnamese refugees stranded in the Phillipines to immigrate here, and lifting visa requirements for several Eastern European countries that support the NATO mission in Afghanistan, such as Poland.

    i think the reason why the Conservatives lifted the visa requirements was because those Eastern European countries were pressuring their own European Union to impose visa requirements on Canadians visiting the EU. Heck, why should be need a visa to see our own queen in England? And why do Slovenians get to work freely in the queen’s England while we Commonwealth Canadians cannot unless we apply for permission?

  4. Besides being the most upright MP in the House, Michael Chong is the future of the Tory party. I wish I could make an Intrade bet on his becoming PM before the year 2030. Chong is the man.

  5. How come Canada still requires people from Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey to apply for travel visas? Their countries are actively involved in the NATO mission in Afghanistan?

  6. Anyone who wants to challenge the ethnically-American Tom Flanagan’s morally bankrupt thesis that the electorate is mostly made up of people who, in pure neoconservative (or is it game?) theory, represent groups to which separate “truths” have to be tailored in order to manage them (something he picked up in Chicago, no doubt) is all right by me.

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