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Michaelle Jean on Haiti


The former governor general talks about Haiti, responds to Julian Fantino’s concerns and lightly burns Don Cherry.


Michaelle Jean on Haiti

  1. I’m just so tired of people like Michaelle Jean. People who have a lot of money but don’t actually spent some of their own money for the cause.

    Go to Haiti, Ms.Jean. Not to fly in and out, but to stay there for a few years, to help and work and use some of your own money to make things better.

    Over Christmas break, I talked to four young adults who had gone to Haiti with their parents as relief workers and all of the young adults told us, when sitting around the table, that in the beginning the relief work seemed to make sense but that after a month or so they all were pretty well exhausted by the whining of the Haitian people. All they wanted was for the Canadian family to solve very basic problems while the garbage piled up everywhere.

    Let Ms.Jean tell her own people to get on with it, there, in person. There for a long time.

    • How would you know that Michaelle Jean doesn’t spend some of her own money for for the cause of Haiti ? And the people of Canada have the freedom to come and go as they please, including those who have non-Canadien names like Verhoeven or Jean.

    • @LoraineLamontagne:

      1. Though Francien Verhoeven should not have jumped in the conclusion that Michaelle Jean doesn’t spend some of her own money for the cause of Haiti, anything she does usually makes headlines; and since there has been no report that she makes a financial donation to Haiti, it is reasonable to assume that she has not.

      2. Francien Verhoeven did not question about the freedom Canadians may have to come and go, but suggested Michaelle Jean would stay in Haiti, for a few years, to help rebuild it. (I have seen people, on other blogs, even suggesting she would move back to Haiti.) A short, but comprehensive response to Verhoeven’s suggestion is that even though she has sent us and the world an unequivocal message that her heart is always for Haiti, Canada has too big goldmines for her to leave, even just for a few years.

  2. Excellency… Michaelle Jean is absolutely excellent in coffering Canadian hard-earned taxpayers’ money on behalf of her beloved homeland — Haiti. Her official portrait at the Rideau Hall successfully conveys her persona — constantly seeking the limelight — but it fails to include the chest of Canadian treasure she coffered on behalf of Haiti, during her tenure as Canada GG.

    Over the years, I have come across many comments suggesting she would move back to Haiti to personally help rebuild it. But she is not and she probably won’t. She is clever enough to figure that her title as former GG of Canada can catapult her from one prestigious Canadian instittution to another and in the capacity of whatever office she happens to occupy, she can continue coffering Canadian resources (and possibly international’s) on behalf of Haiti. Furthermore, her glamorous lifestyle in Canada is too comfortable for her to give up. They were also the logical reasons, for which she eagerly accepted the appointment of Canada GG despite her sharing the freedom toasts with Quebec separatists.

    She has said (in one of her public appearances): “Words are powerful”. Indeed they are! With her powerful rhetoric, down-to-earth approach, and god-gifted sincere look, she has cleverly and skillfully given Canadians the impression that she is an angel of hope, for which she has been showered with honorary degrees. I believe that more and more Canadians have gradually wakened up from the euphoria of hope and realized that her charms and rhetoric are nothing more than a glossy paint; she is one example in what is wrong with Canadian politics of our time (which, I believe, constituted the debacle of the Liberal party of Canada — going from the governing to the third party status since their appointing her as the 27th Canada GG, in September 2005).

    She must understand that Canada does not grow money on trees, and we want to know whether she has donated her juicy salary, pensions, and houses (in Ottawa and France) to Haiti before exploiting our generosity.