Monday in Guergis -

Monday in Guergis


Canadian Press tells the tale of the BioDryer. Liberal MP Judy Sgro empathizes with Ms. Guergis. The Hill Times explores the complicated world of lobbying. Lobbyists are unimpressed with Mr. Jaffer. The Prime Minister’s Office has asked that all Conservative MPs come forward about any interactions with Mr. Jaffer. The Environment Minister reveals that the meeting between a member of his staff and Mr. Jaffer took place in Ms. Guergis’ Parliament Hill office. The Chronicle-Herald delves into Ms. Guergis and Mr. Jaffer’s trip to Belize, including insight into how Ms. Guergis’ skin was handling the sun. And sportswriters are now officially employing Mr. Jaffer’s name as a witty pop-cuture reference.


Monday in Guergis

  1. Just in time! I was missing my daily Guergis fix.

    • I hear Jaffer knows people who can help you when you are in need of a fix.

    • Are you saying that this storyline is as addictive as cocaine?

  2. He "rarely" went into his wife's office except for spousal obligations like scheduling and photo opps.

    Oh, and the whole trying to use his connections to get grants from the goverment thing. That too.

  3. How many Canadian husbands sit in on scheduling meetings for their wives business? Was Mr. Jaffer not aware that that happens in Cabinet is supposed to be subject to confidentiality?

    This story would die a much quicker media death if the Conservatives were to release the information all at once rather than having to pull out each tiny little morsel one thing at a time.

    I'd also like to know just how much Canadians paid for his part of the trip to Belize.

  4. Is "spousal obligations" code for "quickie"?

  5. Is nude sunbathing allowed in Belize? The excessive peeling could explain Helena's working her ass off for us once again.

    Mind you, in her defence, once you've gone AWOL to the luxurious resort isle of Ambergris Caye, Belize, anywhere in Canada would seem like a "hellhole".