More wanted -

More wanted


Vic Toews is interested in expanding the government’s most-wanted list.

Toews told Postmedia News the new list would include immigrants who were either convicted of a crime in Canada, or since their arrival it has been found they were convicted in their home country.

 Toews said he wants any new list to be both “sustainable and productive.” “What I don’t want to happen is we do this for two weeks and then everybody goes away and forgets about it,” he said.


More wanted

  1. Maybe Sun News could do a daily ‘Bad Immigrant ‘ spread – in the style of their Sunshine Girl. 

  2. After all, it’s a pretty sucky campaign strategy if everyone forgets about it before election time, right Vic?

  3. About time!!!

    “Read it and weep. Immigration and Refugee Board judges need to be reined in. When a potential immigrant comes to Canada and is convicted of a crime, a federal offense, not a parking ticket, the refugee must be deported. Regarding crime, the IRB should have no jurisdiction and their wings clipped. What a travesty.”

    “On November 25, 2008 the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada decided that a Croatian man convicted of war crimes could not be deported and returned to Croatia.”

    And deport the crooked consultants while they are at it.

    “The RCMP has arrested a Quebec immigration consultant accused of providing Canadian citizenship and immigration documents to hundreds of residents of Middle East countries who then collected tax benefits from Ottawa.”

    And sometimes we get lucky.

    “A 21-year-old petty thief who believed he was Canadian because he was born here has been ordered deported to India, local media reported yesterday.”

    • I love those first quotes about the incompetence of the IRB.  My head is spinning as people accuse the IRB of not knowing what they’re doing as they simultaneously rely on the IRB as the main source of justification for calling people war criminals.

      When we LIKE the conclusions the IRB comes to they’re dedicated professional public servants and we should give them the benefit of the doubt.  When we DON’T like the conclusions the IRB comes to they’re irresponsible scofflaws who should’t have any jurisdiction and need too be reigned in.

      In other words, if the IRB says you should be kicked out they’re right, and if they say shouldn’t be kicked out, they’re wrong.  It’s efficient anyway.

      • I know the war criminal label is not sitting well with you LKO.  I don’t actually agree with it being used for political fodder, but this is getting quite a bit of attention in the media around the world.   The idea may be to advertise to the world that Canada is not such a push over any more. 

        That first case really bothered me as he lived in my neighbourhood.  He did jail time for beating a 16 year old girl.   The whole Iranian community turned their respective back on him – still he was allowed to stay.

        • I should say too that my comment on the IRB wasn’t meant to be about specific cases (as you say, the case sighted is horrible) but I’ve found it so weird lately to see the TORIES pointing to the IRB as the faunt of unvarnished wisdom, so it’s good to see that they’re still every bit as incompetent as they are brilliant.

  4. So, now we’re going to round-up people who’ve actually been convicted of crimes.  Excellent.  I’m fully in favour.

    However, shouldn’t we have, I don’t know, STARTED the round-ups with people who have actually been convicted of crimes???