Mr. Harper has his choice of invites


Rogers and the University of Toronto, the CBC and Canada 2020 have each now offered to host a debate between Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff.


Mr. Harper has his choice of invites

  1. Harper wish is granted…

  2. An anchorperson p#%^#% contest today, to followup on yesterday's candidate p%^#$# contest.

  3. Oooooh are these news outlets gonna be in for it when harper gets his majority! :)

  4. What, Sun TV isn't interested?

  5. Harper managed to find another cowpie I see.

  6. Excellent ! It's so important that we continue apace the 30 year effort to shrink the
    frame of acceptable public discourse. This just so good !

  7. I figured the only 'out' Harper had from this was to say they wouldn't be able to find the air time to have a one-on-one debate. Looks like that excuse is up in smoke.

  8. stupid biased liberal msm!

  9. Does this come before or after Harper backed down?

  10. Is there a possibility he could agree to this & walk away from the all leaders debate?

  11. He tried that already. It didn't work. I wouldn't put him above trying it again, but basically he's jabbered his ownself into a corner.

  12. He could, but that would be a very bad idea.

  13. The Macleans offer was yesterday afternoon.

  14. I also offer my yard as a venue if they want Pretty much in the middle of Canada, so they can meet halfway.

  15. I'm thinking of a good ol' hockey fight… is Harper turtling? Ouch. Conservatives don't want that impression to get out there. Best get out in front of this one, Tories.

  16. And so, Mr.Ignatieff has his choice of invites, too.

    "Say, Elizabeth, scoring any good points lately – over Lunn?"

    "Oh, Michael, I'm so gonna beat Lunn! I will win. I will win! Yahoooo!!"

    "That's great news. Say, Elizabeth, you know the Liberal party always honours its promises, and you know that, right?"

    "Oh, yes, Michael. Last time around Dion was real good to me. He wanted me in the debates real bad. "

    "Yes, Elizabeth, you're such a good debater, and you know, if things don't turn out so great against Lunn, there's that other promise not to forget about either. If the coalition comes back, that promised Senate seat will be waiting,nudge, nudge, wink, wink. How foolish of Harper to think that we should elect our Senators!!!

    'Oh, thank you so much, Michael. I don't think I'll need it as long as I'll be included in the debates, all four of them."

    "Now Lizzy, don't get too greedy. We'll see, we'll see."

    "Bye Iggy"

    "Bye Lizzy"

  17. Mixing meds and blue koolaid is bad for your health — see above.

  18. They are waiting for the talking points from PM.

  19. stupid biased reality!

  20. I heard that Rogers offered to bring Mazola, UofT is bringing Jell-O and CBC will toss in some feathers (plus Jian Ghomeshi in a red jumpsuit).

    Should be a good debate.

  21. Given the way Harper has disembowled himself on this one and the way the campaign has gone so far, I really can't blame you for preferring fantasies.

  22. Warren Kinsella blogged today that while he has no power to suggest that SUNTV would like to host the one on one debate, that he's pretty sure Kory and Luc would love to launch their channel with that.

    But it isn't going to happen because harper fears facing the Igster.

  23. Has the snow melted? Do you have a nice deck? Actually I think you're in SK, so if they accept your venue, I could arrange for some snacks…or we could potluck.

  24. I'm on the east side of Winnipeg, 15 minutes or so west of the sign marking the centre of Canada. I have no deck at all, just a pile of five or six yards of mud due to late autumn/early winter foundation repairs. I'm hoping the snow will mostly gone by debate time, but there's generally some on the North side of the fence until the middle of May. My plan is to put the candidates in the big puddle so they have lots of mud to sling, and give the moderator and spectators the high ground where it's generally dry.

  25. Do you have a fence suitable for penning in the media? Could the master debaters mud wrestle in the puddle? Now harper, he would show up for that.

  26. The fence is for keeping the dogs in. Anybody with opposable thumbs can open the gates. I was going to let the media go all free range, like hippies at a Dead concert.

  27. Since Harper now seems to be backing out, Ignatieff and Layton should immediately agree to a one-on-one and pwn him before he changes his mind.

    They can dump the debate on youTube in 5 minute segments in near-real-time, and bypass the networks totally.

    It would be one of the greatest chess-moves in Canadian campaign history.

  28. Your desperation is showing.

  29. Why? I think Harper and Ignatieff should want that; it benefits both of them.

  30. The Tories wanted to see if they could scrap the four-leader debates in favour of a one-on-one deal. That plan's obviously fizzled (because the Liberals are fools) so yeah, now they have to agree to an additional debate with Iggy on top of the others or else Harper looks like a chump.

  31. The Liberals are fools? I'm not going to disagree with that statement, but you sure picked a real odd example to prove it. Ended up being a pretty bad day for Harper. I wish I was foolish enough to have the Liberals' good luck.

  32. They should have jumped at the chance to shove Layton and Duceppe aside. Their whole campaign is premised on uniting the anti-Harper vote behind Iggy. This was a golden opportunity that someone like Trudeau or Chretien would not have wasted.

  33. Astral Media announced that CFRB Toronto and CJAD Montreal have offered air time for a radio debate between the two front-runners. The feed would be made available to anyone who wanted to re-broadcast it.

    So add one more to the pile of the safest bit of do-good posturing with zero threat to the programmer's schedule, as the overall Let's Get This Over With Tour continues…

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