Mulcair v. Mansbridge -

Mulcair v. Mansbridge


The new leader of the opposition’s first national English-language interview last night.


Mulcair v. Mansbridge

  1. Muclair talks too fast. He needs to work on that. Makes it unpleasant to listen to him.

  2. Good response to the “opportunist” claim by the Tories – running as a Dipper in Outremont… not an opportunist.

  3. I just watched the Mansbridge interview and as a forever Conservitve supporter I think Harper has a big problem. It is not going to be easy to define this guy with negative adds. People will be watching TM and I think they will like what they see. Bob is really going to be forced to play his hand or be marginalized.

  4. I’m so glad we chose this guy to lead our party.