Daniel LeBlanc previews Thomas Mulcair’s leadership bid.

Thomas Mulcair is set to enter the NDP leadership race as the candidate who will nudge the party toward the centre and bring decisiveness to a caucus accustomed to Jack Layton’s consensual style. The NDP deputy leader is planning to launch his campaign with a bang on Thursday, casting himself as somewhat of an outsider who is ready to go against the wishes of the party’s establishment to bring New Democrats to power in 2015.



  1. Mulcair’s absolutely right about the need to bring the party to the centre.  He’s also right that one of the NDP’s biggest challenges is to convince Canadians that they have enough competence to manage the nation’s finances.

    Money quote, from Mulcair’s interview with Elizabeth Thompson: 

    “If we continue to say what we should spend money on without saying where we will get money from, then I think that the public might look at us and say, ‘Well, we don’t think that you are going to be able to do this job.’

    “So the trick for us is to convince Canadians that we can and do have a team of men and women who can manage the public purse in the public interest and keep things on target with regard to budget and administration.”


  2. Paid political broadcast?

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