Muscular Liberalism -

Muscular Liberalism


Michael Ignatieff talks to Liberals in Nova Scotia.

“We know their approach. We know what they did to my predecessor Stephane Dion, and I am here to tell you they won’t do it to me,” he said to a standing ovation.

Looks like that vow will be tested soon enough.


Muscular Liberalism

  1. Iggy shouldn’t be afraid of what conservatives did to Dion. He should be afriad of what the Liberals did to Dion.

    • I doubt you`ll see any back-stabbing of Iggy by Liberals. Remember, a large majority of caucus supported him.

      • Support from of caucus won’t help if Ignatieff doesn’t get liberals to go out and vote. Remember, Scott Tribe, fewer Canadians voted for Harper in the 2008 election than in the 2006 election. Ignatieff will need a lot more than caucus support. It’s not evident to me that he has the support of the rank and file.

      • Support?

        From Liberals?

        I seem to recall that the only time he has undergone a leadership test…….he lost.

        • Seems to me every time Harper has put his ‘vision’ to a test he’s been underwhelmed. Conquer and divide seems to be the favourite flavour at Kody’s koolaid stand, but me thinks Canadians are wiser than that. I think what’s good for the goose is also good for the CON turkey, too… especially if suddenly we’re able to look both at today and the past. Maybe we can get John Howard to write his response.

          • I heard Howard say he was flattered – on Strombo. Of course many cons would see no irony here!

        • Well, we’ll never know for sure will we? Kennedy ruined that. We don’t really know how it would have turned out because they didn’t go to another vote.

  2. I wish the gloves would come off. I’d dearly love to see some Heil Harper ads in the mainstream media.

    Y’know…for funsies.

  3. “calling him a flip-flopper”

    Harper’s Conservatives, calling the leader of the opposition a flip flopper. Amazing.

    • Right?! I cant believe they are bringing that term back, what with their record and all!

  4. Harper is getting feisty.
    Today he went on a US network to lecture Obama on American foreign policy.
    Earlier he was threatening to go to war with Russia.
    He also was threatening to call an election on the budget if he doesn’t get everything he wants.
    Look out World; look out Canada. Get out of the way Iggy. Just kidding.

    • The guy’s been weird all week. Off his medication ?

  5. I am curious to see these Con attack ads but sounds like we will have to wait another few months. I think it’s going to be really difficult for Cons to define Iggy before he does it himself. So far, there is not 15 second clip that will encapsulate their argument/attack – does not love his country or he’s born with silver spoon in his mouth – and lib msm will do its normal job of doing all it can to help out Iggy and his team.

    I imagine it’s difficult to make an ad that will point out that he’s lived abroad for most of his adult life without a defining moment/clip of Iggy saying something outrageous. I look forward to seeing what the Cons will do.

    • Good to know that you’re looking forward to the absence of substantive debate, jwl.

  6. I predict that this will backfire big time on the Cons if they attempt it. In fact I hope they go down this road.

    We have serious issues facing us, and I don’t think the country’s in any mood for this horseshit (JWL excepted of course).

  7. The best way to defeat the cons seems to be to just wait and let them defeat themselves.

    An attack ad strategy seems totally out of touch with the mood of the public and the (supposed) shift in the political atmosphere. I hope they do it.

  8. I can’t believe how dastardly the Conservatives are.

    They managed to somehow get a Harvard academic who’s spent nearly his entire adult life living outside of the country to come to Canada…..for the sole purpose of being PM.

    They then manage to have him lose a leadership race, but then get annointed by the Liberal elites without facing will of the rank and file liberal populace (the same populace that had already rejected him.)

    To top it off, they manage to go back in time, and somehow implant in that leader, statements which show his allegiance to and identification with, the country he lived in most of his life (rather than the country he belatedly entered for the purpose of ruling).

    Finally, the eeeevil CPC use some form of mind control, to make that leader shift his position of life and death middle east security matters, depending on who his audience is and on which way the political winds happen to be blowing on any given day.


    Worse yet, they actually plan on USING that info to win an election, rather than on suppressing it, which we all know the Liberals would do, becuase politics is about “fairness” not …..say….about ads such as young girls rocking in the fetal position under threat of safety from one’s polical foes, or……say…..ones suggesting one’s foes are going to “destroy our rights” and assert paramilitaristic control over the citizenry.

    The CPC has gone too far.

    • God knows the CPC have no ideas, so of course they plan of running against Ignatieff on innuendo and character assasination.

    • Oh, but we have a leader currently who did speeches at right wing republican think tanks – expressing Republican envy and putting down his own country.

      And, who in hell thinks they have the right to decide who’s Canadian enough?

  9. Of course they are going to go full-press negative.

    What else could they campaign on? Their record? They didn’t even complete the meagre Five Priorities(TM). Their promises kept? Their fiscal discipline? Their economic foresight and planning? Their accountability? Their transparency? Their team? Their job creation record? The “end of provincial in-fighting in our time”? Their ethics? Their consistency? Their vision? They have blown through and blown up pretty much all of the reasons anyone could conceivable campaign for a political party that attacking is all they have left, if they ever even had anything else.

    Attacking Dion is all they had in the Fall 2008 election and attacking Ignatieff will be all that they have in the Spring 2009 election.

    But this time it is going to be like Martin with his attack ads and nothing but in 2006.

    • I hope the libs campaign on the lack of a Con record, flip flops etc. I don’t really want to see dueling attack adds, no more SH is Bush. Take a leaf out of Obama’s campaign.

    • Bingo.
      Harper is all bilge water and isn’t content unless sinking to his lowest level. Are Canadians going to be out and buying it? I’d say we Liberals have a few callouses that may prepare us for this. How did McCain’s battle go, especially when he stuck to the muck?
      Attacking someone for achieving at the highest level? Such daring!
      As Ted says, I’d stay away from talking about the record of achievements too if i was a CON. Maybe a few billion of unfettered bribes spread to ‘help’ select ridings may solve all their problems…

  10. … and Warren Kinsella kicks off the “we won’t let them!” campaign with, err, the lamest libel suit I’ve ever seen.

    • Strange EW.. I don’t recall you on here denouncing the recently dropped Harper libel lawsuit against Dion/Ignatieff and the Liberal Party as being lame.

      • That is misdirection, not argument. For accuracy, I would say that the Harper suit was “outrageous” rather than “lame”. The former appears to have made up damaging claims about others (but we don’t know, since the parties appear happy not to talk about it), whereas the latter is just nakedly implausible.

        But there, now I’ve show my equal-opportunity lawsuit bashing. Your turn.

        • (Also, WK’s has an error in the first sentence: lame.)

      • What’s with this “as a father, husband”. What does that have to do with anything? How about as a son, uncle and brother?

        There is a tape, not to mention the Cadman family’s statements, so give up on the without any evidence whatsover.

      • Actually the source of the scandal was that Harper never provided an account of what he meant when he used the term financial considerations. He still hasn’t.

        • I thought he’s done it plenty of times. It was to help Cadman with his campaign expenses if he ran under the Conservative banner, wasn’t it?

    • Lame, lamer, lamest?

      You decide.

      Harper recording in Cadman affair intact: expert

      Conservative Leader Stephen Harper’s contention that a tape recording was doctored to implicate him in a bribery scandal involving the late MP Chuck Cadman was contradicted Friday by the very specialist Harper hired to analyze the tape.

      . . .

      However, audio expert Bruce Koenig, a former FBI agent who was hired by the Harper team to check the tape, filed a report on Friday which contradicts Harper’s court testimony and finds that the key section of the tape contains no splices, edits or alterations.

      The report was filed to the Ontario Superior Court on Friday.

      • Hey enough of the facts already. Harper has again bought his silence.
        Let sleeping curs lie, again and again…

      • Does that mean Harper committed perjury? Oh dear…

        • Just play the Cadman tape, starting at Stephen Harper @ “uh, on the offer to Chuck” and Canadians are good to go.

  11. PW must have gone home, anyone got his number?

  12. I dare say Barney was not invented by a Liberal. But *hit for brains seems to be a CON trait…

  13. kody, I think you’re exaggerating when you call the Conservatives “pure evil.” That seems to me excessively negative.

  14. Well, as far as I can tell, Iggy’s idea of getting tough involve late-night pillow fights with Chad and Thad, and idiotic chest-thumping lawsuits from hired hacks.

    What has happened to the once great Liberal party?

    • “idiotic chest-thumping lawsuits from hired hacks”

      Are you talking about the Liberals or the Conservatives here? Because of the two, there’s only one party that’s been cowardly enough to use lawsuits as a means of silencing debate, and it’s not the one leading the Opposition.

      • Matthew, I’m talking about the idiotic lawsuit by Kinsella. I guess you didn’t have your morning coffee yet.

        • Ah yes…a libel suit filed by a private citizen based on facts is far, far worse than a libel suit based on…something…filed by the PMO. Your point is totally valid, I’m certain.

          • Matthew, I made a comment based on how this reflects on Iggy’s ability to “fight back”. What this has to do with your perception of other lawsuits is a mystery between you and your morning coffee.

  15. Fantastic News!!!!! It’s about time …. it was getting boring. My vote is for the Puffin again – after all it was Iggy’s original point to make it the national bird … We may as well have a good fight as everyone knows it is going to end up with Iggy rolling over and throwing his paws into the air again ….. It must really suck to be a Liberal nowadays as after all you had a brief glimmer of hope with the coalition gimmick but even that only ended up getting Iggy as leader sooner rather than later and with Iggy moving the party to the center the ol anybody but routine will be going nowhere. The you had the Obama visit which didn’t go according to the Liberal Plan. I hope against hope that Iggy screws up and forces us into an election before the summer as that would be the death knell of the LPC… but it won’t happen becuae Iggy may be a lot of things but stupid he isn’t.

    • Wayne
      Ever the one to take the high rd. Understandable really when puffin poop is all you got!
      But wait! I almost forgot! What about all those pics of Steve trotting after…er… Obama, surely they must mean something…anyone…surely to god…i mean. What do you expect us to do, run on our record? Really! But the pictures…all those… lovely pictures…sigh!

      • Are you serious? – every picture of Harper and Obama is at least a few thousand votes irrespective of content as it is plainly self evident that this is what canadians want and also what drives the opposition crazy! And Puffin poo is as good as any other kinda poo which all parties love to spread around. After all let’s not forget the classic ol liberal fear and shmear – oooh! watch out evil meanie conservative soldiers on every street (makes puffin poo look hilarious) and the ol hidden agenda (like Stevie hides anything everything is right out in front of you if you pay any attention at all which partisan harper haters simply can’t do) .. nope .. sorry does not compute.

        • I’m not one of those who cheered on the hidden agenda adds – although it was legit the first time – i thought they insulted the intelligence of regular folks – yes there’re regular libs too! – and as for the troops in the streets, it was almost as bad as those adds depicting Chretien as a spastic. That was the bottom of the barrel. So cheer on the puffins, i guarantee it wont work against Iggy for a number of reasons, no.1. being he’s not Dion. Face it. You guys are the ones with the record to defnd this time. Good liuck with that. Puffin poop may end up defining more than a happless departed opp leader.