Nash bows out


Her statement to reporters after the second ballot.

Obviously, as I’ve come in fourth now, I’m going to be dropping off the ballot. And I’ve already made my personal decision, I’ve already voted. And I know that our delegates are supporting a variety of candidates, they’re not monolithic. And, in fact, the vast majority have already cast their ballots.

She was then asked who she’d be supporting.

I have already voted and I’m going to release my delegates to vote for whoever they want to support. And I am committed that any of the three remaining candidates would make an absolutely amazing leader and I’m prepared to work with any of them. We’ll have a stronger, a more united party coming out of this convention. We have tremendous energy and momentum and excitement. You can see the capacity being built here, with so many young activists.

She said she would be keeping her vote to herself.


Nash bows out

  1. This surprises me, I thought Nash would be in final 2 against Mulcair. Nash is more personable than Topp, I wonder why she did worse than him. Looks like some NDP want to remain ideologically pure union party that doesn’t win elections while others, majority, want to hold power to effect change.

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