Nash on electoral reform


Peggy Nash promises to pursue proportional representation.

Nash’s plan calls for moving proportional representation beyond the platform to a campaign & legislative priority by making it a prominent, salient issue within public and political discourse; collaborating with like-minded organizations already working on this issue; cooperating with parties that support proportional representation to further raise awareness and public support; and inspiring non-voters to become engaged.

She will establish a Royal Commission on Electoral Reform to make specific recommendations on which system (or combination of systems) is best suited for Canada as well as the most effective legislative process to implement the changes.

Brian Topp and Paul Dewar have also formally endorsed PR.


Nash on electoral reform

  1. After the Royal Commission reports, it will be a done deal, since all she’ll need to bring in PR will be a constitutional amendment. No problem there. Good work, Peggy.

    •  Are you being sarcastic?

    • Actually, an act of Parliament will suffice.  A constitutional amendment would not be needed.

  2. At last night’s meeting in Peterborough, she specified that the Royal Commission would have a six-month deadline to report.