Never mind that cabinet shuffle

Julian Fantino and Bernard Valcourt move and the PM says that’s it


Per the announcement from the Prime Minister’s Office, Julian Fantino moves to International Cooperation to replace Bev Oda and Bernard Valcourt becomes the associate minister of defence, replacing Mr. Fantino at that spot.

And per this tweet from the Prime Minister’s director of communications, that’s it.

So much for all that cabinet speculation.


Never mind that cabinet shuffle

  1. This is a step up from Oda? WTF?

    • I guess NOT

    • He’s slightly better at regurgitating talking points. Emphasis on slightly.

      • When was Oda allowed to speak? Note that this takes Fantino far away from purchasing jet fighters, helicopters, etc. Very very far away.

  2. I wondered why everybody was contemplating some huge shuffle… I said before, who has he got to put in their places?

    What you see, is what you get.

  3. Well, I guess that’s one way of making Jim “jail the homeless” Flaherty look like an old softie.