Not going there


Paul Dewar announced his jobs agenda yesterday.

An NDP government led by Paul Dewar will protect jobs and help make life more affordable for families by saying no to new sales tax increases and expanding the HST.

That much sounds like the makings of a disagreement with what Brian Topp seems prepared to consider.


Not going there

  1. A Dipper saying no to taxes? I can’t see him going too far in NDP circles with those kinds of whacky ideas.

    • I beg to differ.  The BC provincial NDP opposed the Campbell government’s carbon tax and opposed the HST.

      Personally, I think these days that consumption taxes/HST are a classic wedge issue within the NDP.  On the one hand, obviously they believe in a vigorous role for govt and the taxation needed to support that.  But the NDP also has populist leanings, and consumption taxes are typically the least popular taxes of all.

      • You’re obviously right with the first paragraph. As for the second, I’m not so sure. Yes, they’re populists but they’ve also never met a tax they don’t like. My point being, it’s much easier to oppose a tax in opposition, than in when in government. 

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