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‘Not since the Enron scandal have we heard such a ludicrous excuse’


Fresh from the inbox, a statement from interim Liberal leader Bob Rae.

“Yesterday, while attending the Summit of the Americas in Columbia, Stephen Harper dismissed his government’s fumbling of the largest military procurement in Canadian history by calling it an ‘accounting’ discrepancy.

A multi-billion dollar hole is not a discrepancy. It is fiscal incompetence at best and, at worst, outright misdirection. Not since the Enron scandal have we heard such a ludicrous excuse. When filling out their tax forms this year, Canadians should ask themselves what reaction they could expect from the government if they filed incorrect figures and claimed it was an ‘accounting discrepancy.’

Thanks to the good work of our Public Accounts critic Gerry Byrne, Liberals are calling for a special committee meeting this week to shed light on the F-35 fiasco in the wake of the Auditor General’s damning report. The Conservatives must allow for a full transparent study of this report and not revert to their usual methods of closing committee doors to avoid embarrassment.

Canadians have the right to know who in the government knew about the true costs of the F-35 and when they knew it.”

Both the Liberals and New Democrats have requested a meeting of the public accounts committee and that meeting will likely take place later this week. At that meeting, there will likely be a vote as to whether or not to launch a study of the auditor general’s report. The Liberals have a list of ten witnesses they would like to hear from.


‘Not since the Enron scandal have we heard such a ludicrous excuse’

  1. Why all way back to Enron? Just this morning, Rae was saying things about his leadership bid that are as equally ludicrous as anything Harper has said. 

    Harper/Cons have not spent any money yet, so while I think Cons are snake oil salesmen they have not done anything that other pols haven’t been doing for eons. Rae racketing up the scandal mongering is dumb because people will just tune him out as typical hyperventilating pol. 

    • So now you’re defending the government’s handling of the  F 35? 

    • Cons have not spent any money yet…

      Are you for real! The only reason they have put the brakes on is because they have been caught lying to Parliament…again! It’s the technical reason we had the last election.

    • Actually the Harper/Cons have spent public money on the development of the F-35; up over $500 million by now.  But the real and inescapable cost to Canadians is because any competitive process at this late stage will result in a higher cost thanif they had done so two years ago.  So their decision to lie then is costing the country now. 

  2. At least the Conservatives are not blaming it on the Liberals… this time.

  3. just like being held in contempt of Parliament was a “process discrepancy”…a mere difference of opinion, rather than an attempt to mislead or misinform Parliament. 

  4. Can Rae’s tirades get any more ridiculous? Next he’ll be playing the Hitler card.
    It’s hard to take someone seriously when they lay the drama on so thick you can’t tell if he’s actually that delusional or just that idiotic.
    I’m starting to believe Rae was an NDP plant in the Liberal party to destroy it from within. If that is true, he’s a genius.

    • Can con supporters swallow any more Harper guff without looking like partisan shills ? Silly question really, course you can. 

    • Yes, little Dakota, it is hard to take someone seriously when they lay the drama on so thick …delusional…idiotic…blah blah blah your sentence says way more about you than it does about Bob Rae.

    • Liberals – NDP. There ain’t a dime’s worth of difference between the two

  5. He should know.  Bob Rae’s failed premiership was Enron’s inspiration.

    • Brilliant!

  6. Minor quibble: it’s Colombia, not Columbia.