Now you can know how much it costs to clean Elizabeth May’s riding office

The Green MP posts her receipts


Elizabeth May has posted her expenses and uploaded a large file of receipts for your review.

For the record, the vacuuming, dusting, removal of garbage bags and cleaning of the bathroom and floors at her constituency office costs $109.20 per month.

The posting of receipts probably bests former Liberal MP Michelle Simson’s previous posting of a detail overview of her expenses.


Now you can know how much it costs to clean Elizabeth May’s riding office

  1. $109.20 a month! I’m not up on office cleaning rates, but that seems pretty pricey, doesn’t it? I hope the place is spotless!

    • I”d hire whoever’s doing it!

    • Its a goat herder who brings in the lads once a week to lick the place clean.

      • So, the place is spotless except for the occasional pile of goat sh*t. Zero environmental impact, though.

        Is there a line item for goat sh*t cleaner on there?

        • Na. They just borrow Van Loan’s in-basket late at night. Then return it. He hasn’t noticed yet.

    • Probably an untendered contract to one of May’s big donors. I wouldn’t be surprised if some portion of it is kicked back to the Party.
      Maybe SunNews can blow the doors off this thing.

      • Whatever is going on here, let’s declare it double-dipping and rail on about it ad nauseum, no matter what the subject is.

    • $109.20 a month, pricey? Is it, really? I’m not up either on office cleaning rates, but I would have expected something around $300 to $400 a month. I guess May’s office is not that big after all.

    • Actually sounds pretty darn reasonable to me. I’d pay that on a monthly basis to get my home done if I could.

      • $109.20 would get you ONE DAY of cleaning in Calgary…about 4 hrs….just for your info.

    • $25 bucks a week is pricey – how cheap are you?

      • EXTREMELY. Miserly cheap.

    • You aren’t up on office cleaning rates. People in Calgary pay $100.00 or so to get 4 hours of house cleaning.

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