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Olivia Chow for Toronto?


Speaking with reporters after QP, the NDP MP explains her current position.

Mr. Ford’s matter is in front of the courts again and I’ll consider what role I might play when the court make its decision and City Council’s deliberation. I hope the matter gets resolved quickly because it’s important that Toronto get back to work to build a city that’s prosperous and caring.


Olivia Chow for Toronto?

  1. Heaven Forfend

  2. Just hang on a sec. Olivia—-Ford is not going anywhere.

    • Yeah, he is.

  3. it says alot about mulcair if chow is even considering moving(not happy with the dips anymore) on.rankin file dipper.personally,i think she(chow)should keep her day job.

    • Says nothing whatever about Mulcair.

  4. Running against Rob Ford would be a lot of fun. The campaign commercials write themselves. Just run that video of him toppling over with the football with any combination of “Rob Ford fell down on public transit. Rob Ford fell down on [insert issue here ..] Do you want to watch Rob Ford fall down for 4 more years?”

    • “This time, take a pass on Rob Ford”