On Dominic LeBlanc’s press conference


Liberals should probably be feeling badly that this guy wasn’t given a full campaign to try to make his case.

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On Dominic LeBlanc’s press conference

  1. Dominic LeBlance did himself immeasurable harm!
    Proved to be evasive – limited in falling back on the socalled strictures of a constitution which is being rewritten (remodelled) by the Liberal party on the fly at AGMs across the country – and partisan at a point he doesn’t know what the final outcome will be – a coronation behind closed doors or a wider participatory democratic process.
    If one is to believe a hint from Bob Rae – he has done a 180 in the last week in terms of where his support would go should he be beaten in a race (which was obvious he was going to be!).
    He spluttered and condemned grass roots input as basically a rubber stamp…and clearly he was positioning himself in an ingratiating display with the candidate he hopes is going to win.
    Altogether quite a shabby showing!
    And you seem to have been off the mark these last few days Mr. Wherry – been taking too many Coyne pills recently?

  2. LeBlanc smart enough to realize that interim won’t work despite all the media questions. If the Libs get forced into an election before May, can you imagine what the Harper attack machine would do to the idea of people voting for a party that doesn’t know who its leader and PM will be?

    LeBlanc has sacrificed himself for the good of the party and the country. He’ll be in great shape next time.

    Time for Rae to wake up and smell the coffee. It’s like Rae still doesn’t understand what they are up against with Harper, who tried to force an early election against Dion and will try the same thing again.

    The only hope for the Liberals to survive this is to get Iggy in and fast. I’ve been saying it since Oct.

    Liberals remember who your opponent is. He’ll try anything. An interim leader? Mincemeat for Harper.

  3. Mr. LeBlanc seemed to have an inflated opinion of his own importance.

    If throwing to Iggy is supposed to create an irresistible momentum, I suspect a lot of people will find it very resistible.

  4. could be some interesting times
    in Canada when the provincial
    parties start forming coalitions
    the liberals in ontario did not
    win the 2007 election.
    liberals got 42.2%
    conservativd 31.6
    green 8.0%
    56.6 % of ontarions voted against the liberals

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