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On telling people where to go


NDP MP Dan Harris would like it noted that someone—he says it was a Conservative MP—shouted “go home” at him after he finished his statement to the House yesterday. (It is audible at the very end of this clip.)

Home for Mr. Harris is Scarborough, Ontario.


On telling people where to go

  1. Uncool (likely) CPCer. On the day after McGuinty had to resign as critic for saying Albertan MPs should take a broader view for the benefit of the country, what’s appropriate for this?

  2. Telling someone to go to Scarborough is a huge insult.

  3. Yes, I have a team of forensic scientists going over this audio—we are really close to proving that it was indeed PM Harper who shouted the go home words—well it was either him or someone in the press row.

    Meanwhile we are gathering at David`s house tonight to console the poor misunderstood man. We have promised not to investigate the incident any further. Dalton will be there tonight with hugs for all.

    • Will Chris Warkentin be dropping by? Or does he have a problem with Ontario?

      • He better not have a problem with Ontario.
        Unlike McGuinty, who has no reason to go to Alberta, Warkentin has to come to Ontario to show up for work.