On the record


We’ve recruited a pair of Liberals to provide commentary through the party’s convention in Ottawa this weekend. And they’ve even allowed us to use their names and faces.


On the record

  1. Great idea….thanks for doing this!

  2. Ah yes, just what Macleans needed… more Liberal navel gazing.

    • Well, Rick, judging from the Cons on here they seem to be under the impression they’re the experts on how to run the Liberal party. 

      • No, we’re the experts on how to beat the Liberal party. Into the ground.

        • Experts on bluster and being blowhards more like.

          • That’s pretty funny coming from you.

  3. This comment was deleted.

    • Why don’t you live blog the convention for us then Turd? 

      • This comment was deleted.

        • You guys will be glued to it and commenting your asses off, just admit it.  Justin Trudeau’s facial hair alone should prompt a blockbuster performance.

          • You tell that turd, Jan!  LOL

        • I wrote a comment saying the same thing, then noticed everybody else saying it.  They’ve previously hired Liberal operatives like Scott Reid, Feschuk, and Wherry, and now they need more?

  4. Ahhh .. CBC had a retrospective of the Kierans – Camp – Lewis years on the Gzowski
    show this afternoon. The good old days. When smart people were also wise.

  5. As if you didn’t have enough Liberals at the magazine.

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