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On third thought


A few days after revoking his previous endorsement of a Conservative candidate with a controversial past, Peter Kent revokes his revocation.

“I regret any embarrassment that my remarks may have caused the Prime Minister,” Mr. Kent said in a statement sent to The Globe and Mail after Mr. Harper defended the candidate, Gavan Paranchothy, during a weekend campaign stop in Mississauga, Ont.


On third thought

  1. My, that ethical oil sure is slippery

    • For crying out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      So far, this is a democratic country, not a corporation.
      To preserve and strengthen it, please vote wisely and for the long term.

  2. Wow that was close.

    For a minute there I thought we had a Conservative with principles.

  3. A trip to the woodshed will do that.

  4. That's one slippery apology: only for upsetting harper, not for costing the Tamil Tiger his bid at election.

    Ah well, shows the true priorities of this election: please people, would you stop upsetting the prime minister with truth?

  5. And so the Ministry of Information successfully re-educates a straying acolyte…

    • Thank goodness. Speaking of re-education, apparently party swat teams are about to rappel (just for effect) into the ground-floor unit of the only non-CPC voter in Rob Anders' riding.

      Meanwhile, in an undisclosed location, Anders himself lounges in his y-fronts, sipping sasparilla, while watching 'Ellen' and contemplating his next big Chinese Checkers move. He laughs the tiny snort of a laugh that becomes a man who need not do much. Ever.

      • LOLOL – literally. Both visuals are going to linger.

  6. Iggy, the leader of the Liberal party, openly muses about working with an NDP led governmaent, but Peter Kent’s position is what you think the public cares about?

    The growing chasm between the views of the media “elite” and average Canadians gets wider every day. No doubt after Harper wins a sizeable majority (170 range seems about right at this point) many in the media will carry the meme that the public was “wrong” or was somehow tricked – the notion that the media was out of touch being beyond contemplation.

    • Warning – clapped out, cliche talking points are being served up by charles, again.

  7. In a democratic ethos, voters are never supposed to give absolute trust to anybody. They are supposed to constantly question and that is part of the process. However, Conservative MPs should never question anything that the Conservative leader or the PMO says or does.

  8. All parties screw up when vetting their candidates. So Kent's reaction was honest and right-on.
    This little episode exposing Harper (and the zombie-like control of his stooges) is frightening in itself.
    Combined with the terrorist-Malik-endorsement in BC, it would appear that Harper's ethnic outreach initiative has recruited some strange bedfellows.
    Mulroney gave Bouchard and his separatist buddies seats at the cabinet table.
    Trust another Con-artist to bring terrorists into government.

  9. I find it remarkable that in any political discussion by the media about the importance of intra-party dissent, the fact that Mr. Ignatieff was annointed leader is not mentioned. Liberal members were told that they had no say in who would lead them. They were denied the most basic and fundamental democratic thing (a vote) on the most basic and fundamental aspect of our polity (who will be the leader).

    It seems all other complaints about a lack of “dissent” are trifling by comparison.

    Has the partisanship which is gripping our media reached the point where even the obvious dare not be mentioned?

    • There was a vote a the convention in Vancouver. There just weren't any other candidates on the ballot (there was a place for write-ins though). If Liberals were massively against Mr. Ignatieff becoming Leader they could have registered it by writing in a nother name or leaving their ballot blank.

      I believe he received 97%.or someting like that.

    • I find it remarkable that the CPC was built upon the betrayed corpse of a signed deal with David Orchard, and somehow that never comes up. So let's all be amazed.

    • political parties aren't democratic bub, they're cabals of lawyers looking for a stream of government cheques.

      who was driving the turnip truck you fell off of?

  10. Dearest Steven,

    Please forgive me. I had not realized the gentleman is an ex- terrorist sympathizer who can deliver an ethnic voting block.

    I am so very sorry,


    • Well, that letter is obviously a forgery. As if anyone can call Dear Leader by his given name!

    • Did that Oda staffer have a hand in that letter?