‘One MP is not going to make a difference’


Here is video of Conservative MP David Wilks speaking with his constituents about the budget bill and “how Ottawa works.”


‘One MP is not going to make a difference’

  1. Thanks for sharing this exchange.

    It actually makes me feel physically sick to my stomach.

    • I agree. I just ate lunch and I wish I hadn’t seen that.

      I bet it gets removed from Youtube in short order.

  2. Principles have no place in politics; after all, one MP is not going to make a difference.

    I’m sure glad it wasn’t Martin Luther Wilks and Mohandas Karamchand Wilks

  3. Contrary to Trudeau’s famous maxim, backbenchers are not “nobodies,” backbenchers are hostages. Pampered hostages to be sure, but totally cowed and utterly convinced of their impotence.

    This guy wants credit for being plain-spoken but he’s a coward, plainly.

    We need to fix this political abomination.

  4. I’d have more sympathy if he clearly said “if i vote against it harper won’t sign my nomination papers next time and you’ll be left with a candidate even MORE willing to do what he says.”

  5. Let’s hope he shows the courage to fulfil his role as a Member of Parliament. He is not just a member of a party. If he genuinely believes this is bad legislation – it is – he needs to work to consolidate opposition in caucus and in Parliament to this bad legislation.

    • Well, he’s already caved and “clarified” his position. He’s been very firmly tucked back into the herd, and I doubt very much that you’ll ever hear his voice again.

    • This was never courage; it was weasel words. He wants his constituents to keep voting for him, so he needs to placate them and pretend to listen, but really, he’s a typical conservative chickenshit, and he will do what his master tells him to do. No principles, no courage, just a chickenshit weasel.

  6. Wilks’ remarks concerning the role of the whip and the three-line-whip is essentially valid. What is invalid is the abuse of process by employing an omnibus bill to attach legislative change to the budget, on which all MPs on the Government side are expected to vote in support, which are not properly budget items. This is a practice copied from US where measures which would otherwise be opposed are attached to budgetary and other fundamental legislation to avoid debate or their defeat. Once again we see the Harper Government in contempt of parliament and of parliamentary practice it would seem.

    The abuse of parliamentary practice by the Harper-led CPC, which is not a Tory or Progressive Conservative Party, goes further. It is evident in the Harper defence of this and earlier unparliamentary practice used to force measure through without debate or to impose extraordianry closer.

    The argument that the included measures have already been debated in earlier parliaments at length is invalid. They have not been debated by the 41st Parliament, the Parliament which is being asked to pass these measures and this omnibus bill and previous or future omnibus bills into law.

  7. My heart soared with joy then a few minutes later it was broken you would think I would have been used to this flip flopping that is one of the Con traits.Now the only thing that will come of this is gossip and a spanking for David he may even say he did not say what was filmed , you no how the cons do it..

  8. With Harper in power.. 1, 2, 3, …, 165 MPs won’t make a difference.. They all goosestep together. No More Progressive Conservatives, only Neo-Cons