‘Our New Democratic Party starts at the grass roots’


Inside a ballroom—the Pearson Room, so named for Lester B.—at the Lord Elgin hotel in downtown Ottawa this afternoon, Paul Dewar launched his campaign for the NDP leadership.

For me, this leadership campaign is our chance to build on our social democratic principles. This is our opportunity to work with Canadians on the challenges we face together:

To build a brighter economic future for working people and their families. To make Canada a leader, not a laggard, in combating climate change. To restore the opportunity for young people to get a quality education, and not a crippling debt. To achieve true reconciliation and respect in our relationship with First Nations. And to strengthen health care for all Canadians with improved access to prescription drugs and quality home-care.


‘Our New Democratic Party starts at the grass roots’

  1. I am happy that Paul Dewar is running for the NDP leadership.  He may not have the support of the party top-brass.  However, he can get the strong support of the average NDP members.  All the best to Mr. Dewar.

  2. Had no idea Dewar is God-botherer. I think most NDP types think of themselves as secular humanists …. what chance Dewar now? 

    Edmund Burke ~ Hypocrisy can afford to be magnificent in its promises, for never intending to go beyond promises, it costs nothing

    • You forget, Tommy Douglas was a Baptist minister. MCC mentioned UCC, but there’s also progressive Anglicans, socially minded Catholics, and plenty more who find Christian values compatible with voting NDP.

      One could argue Jesus himself might be more likely to vote NDP, what with his tendency to feed the poor, help the sick, and support the principle of progressive taxation.

  3. break a leg Paul!

    @TonyAdams, there’s still a good chunk of UCC (at least urban) congregations that support the NDP, too.

  4. Hmmm … I believe that Stépahen Dion has been using the “leader instead of laggard” language for a while now.

    Maybe this is proof that Dewar really is a Liberal.

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