Out of order


This afternoon, like it had with Rob Merrifield last Wednesday and John Weston last Friday, the government sent John Williamson, the duly elected and relatively well compensated representative of the people of New Brunswick Southwest, to ask the Public Safety Minister about the views and actions of two NDP MPs in regards to the long-gun registry. Alas, before Vic Toews could read his part of the script, the Speaker stood to rule this out of order.

I am afraid that question has nothing to do with the administration of government.

This would seem in keeping with the standard enforced by Speaker Scheer’s immediate predecessor.


Out of order

  1. Nice to see a little pushback against the rising tide of crapulence.

    • Y’know, I read this article and backtracked to read Wherry’s two earlier reports. One had to do with Charlie Angus spreading crap about Tony Clement. The article before that had to do with Tory functionaries spreading crap about Irwin Cotler. The article above, of course, involved a Tory backbencher reading a garbage question to sling more crap. Not exactly a banner day for our elected representatives. Is it too much to ask that these people show more respect to the offices they hold, to one another, and to Canadians in general? What a depressing, depressing show. 

      • Not too much to ask.

        Probably too much to expect.

  2. So Andrew Scheer has been lurking at Beyond the Commons? Welcome Mr. Speaker!

  3. Sure*, this will deflect any criticism Mr. Scheer might have faced over his clearing Minister Clement of misleading a committee earlier.

    *This portion of the comment not necessarily intended to be meaningful.

  4. It’s sad that the government can’t find better uses for John Williamson.  

    • Or that John Williamson can’t find something better to do.

      • John Williamson’s former title was Director of Miscommunication.  It would seem the government has found exactly the correct use for someone lacking personal integrity. 

  5. Why didn’t that “standard” apply last week?

  6. ‘Bout time.

    • Amen

  7. Finally.

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