Pat Martin vs. Vic Toews: That escalated quickly -

Pat Martin vs. Vic Toews: That escalated quickly

NDP MP takes to Twitter to take on Minister of Public Safety


NDP MP Pat Martin took to Twitter last night to express his displeasure with a local infrastructure project and the Minister of Public Safety.

First Nations were concerned ‘Youth for Christ’ would try to steal their children’s souls. Now building is empty…Vic Toews big project.

All the $oney for inner city youth went to USA Youth for Christ. Big building, no benefit. Vic Toews Mr family values. What gives?

All the money for inner city youth went to ‘Youth For Christ’, who are Vic Toews’ donors and buddies, now the bldg is all but empty.

Listen, I would never judge someone who screwed their babysitter for years or knocked up their secretary, so don’t ask me to. Respect…

Not sure the public really knows their Minister of Public Safety who forgot to invite me to announcement in my risding AGAIN!!! RFW

Next time I’m bringing my own folding chair if the Minister ‘forgets’ to invite me to his spending announcements in my riding. Arrogance

When Vic gave the USA Youth for Christ ALL the money for inner city youth, FN’s said they don’t want people to ‘steal their chldn’s souls’

These are truly bad people.They won their razor thin majority by cheating; Robocalls and who knows what else. American style dirty tricks.

@CTVMercedes I’m not ‘worked up’ so much as ‘fed up’ with the rat faced whores in the CPC who neglect to invite me to ancemnts in my riding

Look…Given the parliamentary session we’ve just endured, the term ‘rat faced whores’ is using a great deal of restraint…

All of which drew tweets from Conservative MPs Candice Bergen, Brian Jean and Mike Lake.

The issue of the Youth for Christ’s centre in Winnipeg goes back to February 2010, when Mr. Martin complained about the federally funded project. Mr. Toews responded to Mr. Martin. After city council approved the project, Mr. Martin pledged to support it. (More on the larger controversy here, here, herehere and here.)

The details of Mr. Toews’ personal life harken back to the Vikileaks controversy earlier this year.

Update 1:44pm. Pat Martin talked to the Winnipeg Free Press about his tweets. LaVar Payne passed judgment. And then Mr. Martin quit Twitter.

Update 2:00pm. Vic Toews responds.


Pat Martin vs. Vic Toews: That escalated quickly

  1. Definitely I am no fan of Toews, but someone should tell Pat its not cool to drink and tweet . . .

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      • Asshats like you and Pat should be denied oxygen!

      • How do you figure I don’t care that they are wiping their ass with democracy (by the way, I like that coinage). I just think Pat’s tweets are giving Toews something he never should have . . . the high road. Can you imagine the sanctimony we will be seeing out of that reprobate?

        Besides, what did whores do to deserve comparison to the CPC?

        • These comments are coming from adults? Hard to believe!

          • Try looking through the reader comments in the Sun papers, your disbelief will be multiplied tenfold.

          • Twenty fold with reader comments at the CBC.

          • The worst I’ve seen was the Globe.

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        • Wow. Rick really knows how to really draw those killer analogies doesn’t he!

        • Whining may be tiresome, but it’s not “undemocratic”. The Reform Party elevated it to the status of national sport during their own time in opposition as I recall.

        • I agree, that’s the way Wherry and his fans roll. Whenever they lose, it’s undemocratic, whenever they win, it’s a triumph of democracy, and whenever they talk about the existence of Conservatives, democracy is dead.

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    • Are you a 14 yr old?

      • O come on most 14 year olds are more mature and wordly

  3. Thank you, Pat Martin, for the greatest Christmas present a guy could get: a new swear. I’m adding ‘rat faced whores’ to my repertoire immediately.

  4. Clearly deserves another law suit for defamation..

  5. Pat Martin. Would lose to the Ikea monkey in a battle of wits.

    • You are giving Pat too much credit

  6. I guess the fundraising for his libel suit is going well. Seems he might have some money left over, which he intends to use to settle future libel suits. Pat’s a perfect example of why people with substance abuse problems shouldn’t be in parliament.

    • It’s a good thing you are an anonymous coward, else you might be facing your own libel suit. In most people, cowardice is a pathetic trait. In your case, it’s your best feature.

      • You realize he has his real name up there, Igarvin.

        • Hi God, nice to finally meet you. I hesitate to correct an omnipotent being but Rick Omen is a persona invented by some anonymous loser who took the trouble to establish a Facebook page with a friends list consisting of Conservative politicians and professional escorts. He doesn’t exist but is a shill pretending to be real person. I’m not sure if he’s a paid shill or a volunteer, nor can I say for sure which would be more pathetic.

          Whatever the case, he is intelligent enough to be ashamed of what he does, but he’s still not intelligent enough to stop.

        • Hey God, what happened to peace on earth and good will to man on this thread? There’s a lotta’ nastiness being purveyed here. Can’t you fix that, especially at this time of year?

      • LOL are you still crying because your feeble attempt to dox me failed in a spectacular fashion? Or are you just angry because you were duped by such an obvious fake persona? Either way, grow up, get over it, and move on.

        • Nice revisionism, Dick. I couldn’t care less about your real identity and I never lifted a finger to “dox” you. During a previous discussion about anonymous losers I discovered that you were one of the specimens in question and that you had gone to some efforts to hide your stench. Exposing you took no more effort or emotional investment than stepping on a bug.

          I didn’t set out to expose you, I just happened to be the first to discover what you are… And now you’ve disappointed God because your “obvious fake persona” was not obvious to him/her/it.

          • The irony is of course that hiding RO’s identity was a waste of time. I’ve yet to see anything worth hiding.

          • I owe you an apology. That’s pretty weird of Omen.

    • going good! are you kidding .. he will lose 250000 and all this time he has only gotten 10000 – me thinks this is why he is trying to stay in the media spotlight becuase he is DOOMEDE ask Mulcair who is right now throwing him under the bus and making darn sure the NDP doesn’t have to pay his legal bills hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Dear Pat: Will you marry me?

  8. Rick Omen’s profile picture should be a “rat-faced whore”. Clearly, there is a love affair with the CNC and especially Vic Toews. I mean really you guys, grown up! Who cares that ass-clowns like Toews and our Junior Reaganite PM are subverting procedure and running the country like a secret skull-and-bones fraternity meeting? It’s not like if the shoe was on the other foot, and the NDP or Liberals were corrupt, Rick would be “bitching”.

  9. It is obviously true that Civilization is just a shell covering a million years of barbarism…..I see that today the shell cracked. This is just mean spirited.

  10. Thx for those WFP links AW. I just wonder how many here took the time to read them all?
    For what it’s worth i think PM and his crowd is mostly likely off base. Who cares really if YFC is meeting a need, as long as they aren’t brainwashing youths or compelling them in some way.
    More worrying is whether the federal govt[or any govt should be giving them money] You can’t blame YFC for knowing how to get it by using their contacts. But it still leaves the question of whether this govt is picking orgs that reflect their religious convictions over other social orgs.
    IMHO that would explictly contravene the separation of church and state. But if YFC won on merit, so what? As the one article says, what a great pity all those orgs aren’t working together and on the same page.

  11. Pat Martin is an example of the very worst type of politician – a foul mouthed loser who only achieves gaining support for the parties he doesn’t belong to. The man is a poster boy for the feeble minded and socially inept – the only function he serves is to occupy space and the sooner he takes his mouth and his actions and gets the heck out of dodge the soooner the NDP can find a replacement – he knows this and he knows he is doomed which no doubt is why he istrying to get soem media coverage applying the oll maxim that bad press is better than no press – however in this case it is way too little and way too late – I wonder where Mulcair will promote him to this time – last time it was the wheatboard file hahahahahahah!

    • Speaking of the feeble minded and socially inept, read above from his appologists! POS’s, all of them!