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‘People just don’t believe politicians anymore’


Liberal backbencher Michelle Simson confirms her cult hero status with the seemingly desired reaction to yesterday’s decision to keep MP expenses beyond the purview of the auditor general.

“Personally, I’m disappointed,” said Liberal MP Michelle Simson, a rookie Scarborough MP who unilaterally decided to post her detailed parliamentary expenses online. “There seems to be a public appetite just to be assured by someone like Sheila Fraser … because people just don’t believe politicians anymore.”


‘People just don’t believe politicians anymore’

  1. She's lying. :)

  2. Why are they agreeing to such a bone-headed move? Is it because they employ each other's relatives in their offices? Use taxpayer refunds for apartment rentals to actually pay down the mortgages on second houses? There must be a reason.

    • I'm guessing many of them are using some of their expenses for things they don't want us to know about. But, while I'm not a big fan of politicians in general (and Canadian politicians in particular) I don't think this is any surprise. I'll bet if you give any 308 people an expense account that they don't have to report on that a fair number of them will end up spending some of it on themselves. Which is of course why we should get to see their expenses.

    • I don't know, but it does make you wonder!

  3. Kind of makes one yearn for the Proposition system in California. I'll bet we could raise a petition that would put the issue of transparency and accountability of expenses as a ballot initiative….

  4. It could be that the Auditor General and her staff don't work for free and it would be another charge to the Canadian taxpayer that is unneccessary because rigid rules are in place and adhered to with respect to an MPs expenses.

    Ok, sorry, I was just trying it on. But I couldn't keep a straight face at the end there.

  5. Way to go, Michelle! Don't stop remembering who it is you are there to serve. Bravo.

    A question: Does the Auditor General publicly disclose all her office's expenses and her own expense account? I can only imagine the answer is yes. But is there an independent review or audit of the AG's activities?

  6. I think that Sheila Fraser is on a power trip.