Peter Goldring Maverick Watch -

Peter Goldring Maverick Watch

‘I don’t think that’s reason to be running in another election’


Peter Goldring rejoins the Conservative caucus and promptly expresses an opinion contrary to the position of the government.

Goldring said there are incidents where an MP who leaves caucus should reaffirm his or her support in a byelection, but not in Rathgeber’s case. “From time to time there are issues and there are scenarios where you will step aside from the caucus for the benefit of the caucus or on a matter of standing on your principles,” he told Power Play. “I don’t think that’s reason to be running in another election and putting the taxpayers through the probably hundreds of thousands of dollars it would cost to do so. He’ll be up again in the next election in two years’ time, and that’s the time he can be tested by the electorate.”

Mr. Goldring’s position at least has the benefit of being in line with Stephen Harper’s previous position.


Peter Goldring Maverick Watch

  1. The ship of fools lurches on through the ice field. God, I can’t wait until the convention.

    • I happen to agree with him. We elect MPs, not party emissaries.

      • I agree. Our system is far too corrupted with partisan politics. We certainly don’t need more of it governing MPs who leave their parties. People vote for a human candidate to represent them. Not a trained seal.

        • If the CPC mavericks keep this kind of thing up were going to run out of reasons for despising them.

          • Or at least we can get back to actually disagreeing with ideology and policies.

          • Indeed. Endlessly debating who’s less ethical is a bore after a while. Seven years of it gets to become positively nauseating.

          • Just looked at your avatar – and gave you your 20,000th thumb up.

            Well done and keep em’ coming

          • Lol … But I only have one lonely follower. I think I once had another, but I offended him too much. Maybe that should tell me something? Do you think Macleans will give me a gold watch at some point? Or the boot maybe?

  2. A reasonable response. Something a cancer patient might say on surviving chemotherapy and being welcomed back to the “land of the (at least for now) living.”