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Picking new sides


NDP Christine Moore, who had endorsed Paul Dewar, has moved to Peggy Nash.

Rathika Sitsabaiesen, who hadn’t endorsed any of the candidates, has now pledged her support for Ms. Nash.

Hélène Laverdière, who was supporting Mr. Dewar, has moved to Thomas Mulcair. It’s not clear that this is the case.


Picking new sides

  1. Sounds like lots of movement to Cullen and Mulcair but not much, if any, to Topp and Nash. Next round of results will be interesting and I am reading on twitter that people are having hard time voting online so conspiracy theories should start any time now. 

  2. Hélène Laverdière said on RDI that she has voted in the second round like a regular member and will not publicly endorse anyone.