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Picking sides in Calgary Centre


Joe Soares has the endorsements of Rod Bruinooge and Doug Finley, while Greg McLean has the endorsement of Lee Richardson, Calgary Centre’s last MP. Now, Joan Crockatt announces the endorsement of Mike Duffy.

We Conservatives have a great story to tell. Joan Crockatt is the perfect candidate to help get a strong conservative message out to Canadians. If you’ve ever seen Joan interviewed on television you know what I mean: she has an uncanny ability to control the debate and to win people over to our side.

She is a communicator who can beat Liberals and New Democrats on the doorsteps and in the media. In fact—I’d put Joan Crockatt up against Thomas Mulcair or Justin Trudeau on a television panel any day of the week.

The vote for the Conservative nomination is scheduled for Saturday.

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Picking sides in Calgary Centre

  1. I’m surprised they’re so off-message. Isn’t harper supposed to be saying “Gee, the Liberals and NDP are way way ahead and we’re the plucky underdogs here in Alberta, but we’re going to work hard and maybe if we’re lucky we can pull about even by election day. If we could just accomplish that in the middle of Calgary it would really show that we can win anywhere!”

  2. As a
    Conservative I am NOT comfortable having as my MP someone who supported Liberal Belinda Stronach. I hope that Joan Crockatt
    has changed her views since then and that she has come to support our party’s leader and Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

    I feel it’s important here in Calgary-centre that we elect a real Conservative
    prepared to take a stand on issues that matter to Calgarians such as
    defending the Oil Sands and ending gold-plated pensions for MPs.

    That person is NOT Joan Crockatt. That’s why I’ll be voting ABC!!!

    ABC = Anybody But Crockatt

    • Turns out that guy wasn’t preston manning or any sitting reform/cpc MP now, wasn’t it?

    • She hardly supported Stronach, she explained the situation as she (Crockett) knew it. If you think the eventual candidate/MP winds up actually rejecting their pension, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

      • Hmmm, i believe Manning already owns shares in that there bridge. It’s not yours to sell sir.

        • That is the charming attribute of bridges, they can be sold and resold many times without regard to the previous owner.

          • Well if they couldn’t politicians might be on hard times for one thing.

      • Ha! She endorsed Liberal floor-crossing Belinda Stronach publicly! Just like she endorsed and worked for Barb Higgins during our Municipal race 2 years ago! Nice try!

  3. Except to the actual candidates, what difference does it make?

  4. Endorsements from Groundskeeper Willie and now Mr. Potato Head. Nice.

  5. A quick read of her bio indicates that Joan has some impressive credentials, but to get the coveted nod from Duffy… My guess is that the woman can cook. Look for Dean to jump on board soon, with Van Loan holding out to see what is for desert.

    • I don’t know what you’re up to but it isn’t stimulating my appetite.