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Pierre Poilievre, intellectual

A mudslinging idealist


Yesterday, Pierre Poilievre uploaded video of himself critiquing of socialism.

The clip is actually taken from—and links to—a speech he gave last April on “economic freedom.”

And freedom is something he identified as his central purpose in politics earlier this month.

All of which is interesting because of not only the particulars of Mr. Poilievre’s arguments—his critique of the United States is based on the highly debatable premise that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac caused the recession and it’d be interesting to know, given his views on government debt, how he reconciles his government’s decisions to cut the GST and spend to stimulate the economy—but also because these clips are sort of the opposite of stuff like this, the partisan obfuscation and taunting Mr. Poilievre has been assigned to do for the sake of deflecting criticism of the government side. (And also, in keeping with a recent theme around here, he doesn’t seem to be speaking from a PMO script.)

This magazine recently named Mr. Poilievre one of the most influential people in Ottawa. He is also, as I observed and wrote three years ago, just an interesting character


Pierre Poilievre, intellectual

  1. What a kid !!! you really have to hand it to him to have achieved this much at his young age is really quite something !!! – in 2 years if harper decides he has had enough I think this kid should make a move for leadership and then learn from that and get a file then watch out as wouldn’t surprise me in the least to make a serious move someday – only wish there lots more like him!

    • Please return to your office, Pierre.

  2. One does not have to witness Poilievre respond in QP for very long to realize what a contemptible little cretin he is.

  3. A interesting character,but because this is Canada , would you share a canoe with him ? He does fit the part of “Squealer” in “Animal Farm “