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The Canadian Press notes that the Conservative promise of income splitting for two-parent families will be delayed another year by the government’s retreat from April’s pledge of a balanced budget in 2014-2015.

Other campaign promises that will be similarly delayed: doubling the children’s fitness tax credit, establishing the adult fitness tax credit and doubling the tax free savings account limit.


Please hold

  1. Flaherty as Custer….right after he saw the Indians….Retreat retreat!

  2. Ahhh…. the “if” campaign pledge. “If” we slay the deficit, we will……

    The key, of course, is to align your “if” promises against actual campaign promises from other parties. It makes you seem like you’re promising something when, in actuality…… I’m sorry. We said “if”…..

  3. If ever we balance the books we’ll spend even more….!!!!

    • That’s pretty much it, isn’t it?
      If we, by some fluke of circumstance, manage to ever balance our books, we’ve got rafts of spending waiting to make sure we stay in deficit.

  4. I find I can’t get terribly excited about this since when I heard it the first time, I knew perfectly well this would happen. 

    • And they’ll be re-packged for the next election.