Darrell Dexter, July 26. “We’re going to make the offer, we’ll see what he has to say.”

The Prime Minister’s spokesman, today. “No.”



  1. At least he got a reply.
    My waste of space MP doesn’t even do that.

    • You can assume, that since your MP can’t speak without his benevolence, that the answer will be the same.

  2. A real national leader, our PM.

    • Couldn`t agree with you more !

      • You could if you turned on your sarcasm button like I did when I posted.

  3. Phew …. had me worried for a while there … I was afraid Himself might actually
    come to Nova Scotia. Nothing good ever comes of that.

  4. He’s focused like a laser on the economy, so much so that he hasn’t the time to attend meetings on the economy. See?

  5. Dexter only wants the feds involved because his government is incapable of managing his province’s economy (NS’s former finance minister, Graham Steele, a Rhodes Scholar, quit the job in disgust and was replaced by a social worker) .

    • It’s a tough road, climbling out from under ~140 years of PC and Liberal debt, book-cooking, and patronage.

      • “The government announced in 2010 they would spend $60 million as part of a $90-million operation to build a plant in Trenton that would build towers and blades for wind turbines.
        It said up to 500 people could be employed by the plant in the first three years.
        Percy Paris, the minister of economic and rural development, says he believes the plant currently employs about 66 people.”
        Far more than 500 people were thrown on unemployment after the NDP refused to provide $3 millon to support the CAT ferry for another year. But this money (which was doled out the same week the CAT was cancelled) was money well spent… No wonder Graham Steele walked away from this government.

  6. “It appears to us it would answer no good purpose to send representatives to this conference” – Sir John A. Macdonald, from 1887 on the occasion of the first premiers meeting, when the country’s first prime minister declined to attend.