Private members’ business


Kady O’Malley picks nine private members’ bills to watch. The case of Helene Laverdiere’s bill is the most interesting to me.

Meanwhile, Libby Davies has tabled a bill on sodium reduction that presents an interesting choice for the government side.

Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq will get another chance to run away from the recommendations of the government-led Sodium Working Group (SWG). Or, she could surprise us all and back a new NDP bill to implement the group’s recommendations to reduce the sodium intake of Canadians. NDP health critic and deputy leader Libby Davies tabled her private member’s bill Monday. It’s straightforward: the health minister must implement the SWG’s Sodium Reduction Strategy, including establishing a monitoring system to track the progress of food companies.


Private members’ business

  1. Bill C-398 – An Act to Amend the Patent Act – sponsored by Hélène Laverdière – is a result one of the most masterful lobby efforts by Canada’s generic drug manufacturers. Raging grannies are collecting signatures on petitions for presentation to the House of Commons. To date 12 MP’s have been duped. More are expected.

    This bill is nothing more than an effort to dilute Canada’s Intellectual Property laws (patents) for the benefit of the Canada’s generic drug manufacturers — the same people that have given Canada some of the highest prices in the world for generic drugs.

    They argue that amending Canada’s patent laws is one of the best ways to help Africa. And it won’t cost Canadians a dime.

    If that argument does not smell funny to you, then I’d like you to look at this real estate portfolio of swampland in Florida. You can also buy the Brooklyn bridge if that is your fancy.


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