The third and fourth paragraphs from the Post’s write-up of an interview with the Finance Minister.

The budget, tabled on Jan. 27, was “to create or maintain close to 190,000 Canadian jobs.”

“We were very careful when we set the budget,” Mr. Flaherty said in an interview with Canwest News Service and Global National. “We did not say that the budget would create 190,000 new jobs in Canada. We were much more realistic and pragmatic. I’m comfortable with standing by what we said.”

Indeed, within the budget, Flaherty’s department did promise, at several points, to either create or maintain 190,000 jobs. And, in the interests of full disclosure, it warned that projections of this sort are difficult to make.

Of course, having said that, it also noted that its own estimates were less realistic than quite pessimistic. From Page 230: “the impact estimates in this annex are based on prudent assumptions; the actual economic impact of the Economic Action Plan is likely to exceed the estimates shown here.”



  1. Aaron,

    thank you for another breath of realism. Hope the Easter Bunny was good to you. You deserve it, because you provide the “gain” without the pain of having to eat all the propaganda first.

  2. Q: In the spirit of Easter dinner, aside from ham, what goes well with Keen’s Hot Mustard?

    A: A big goose egg.


  3. Aaron must be the only person in Canada who pays any attention to what Jim Flaherty has to say. I’m quite sure Jim himself doesn’t know exactly what he is supposed to say until someone from PMO hands him the talking points du jour.

  4. The monkey took
    One look at Jim
    And threw the peanuts
    Back at him

    — Burma Shave

    • He submitted his Update
      As the Recession neared
      Defeat didn’t draft him
      He volunteered

      -Burma Shave

  5. the best finmin on the planet

    Just on the planet? Come on, you set your sights low. Why not in the universe? I know Ceti Alpha V has a very impressive finmin, but I still say Flaherty beats him.

  6. So you can install a cabal of cultural Marxists

    Yes. That’s exactly right. I seek to install a cabal of cultural Marxists.

    And I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for you dammed kids.

  7. Myself, I’m suspicious of individuals who raise the issue of Stephen Harper’s alleged historical “cleanliness” in order to draw attention away from his record of dishonourable and incompetent conduct.

    As for Flaherty’s alleged excellence, the phrase “Don’t do a Flaherty” would not have been circulating among the nation’s provincial ministries of finance this spring, had it not been for the absurd performance Stephen Harper’s sock puppet delivered last fall.

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