Rae on Ignatieff

The Real News Network—seemingly a response to the Onion News Network—has posted the first part of its three-part interview with Bob Rae. This first segment covers the rise of the coalition and the change in Liberal leadership.

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Rae on Ignatieff

  1. Still some sour grapes on Bob’s part re. 2006.

    Good interviewer though.

  2. Of course there must be some sour grapes – here the party threw Dion under the bus so fast there was no time for a skid mark – then they crowned Iggy as king basically overnite on the premise they had to fight evil meanie Stevie … quickly … immediately … right now like – then all of a sudden Bob Rae is no longer considered the worst deficit maker in canadain history and then presto! … as usual in Canadain polticis … overnight Bobby is a hero and so now what have we got ROFL LMAO! as a sidenote I hear tell that Iggy was originally considered approachable as a CPC candidate and a little behind the scenes leg work was here, there and everywhere. :) makes you wonder about all the behind the scenes negotiations doesn’t it?

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