Reefer badness

Perhaps it is time to have MPs pee into cups


If Justin Trudeau had had that puff in Halifax and been caught by a police officer in the act of puffing, he probably wouldn’t have been thrown in prison.

Police officers generally don’t charge people who are caught smoking a joint, said Halifax Regional Police spokesman Const. Pierre Bourdages. “There’s very often cases where the officer would basically just destroy what was there. It would be an educational experience,” he said.

Meanwhile, in that same story, Thomas Mulcair says it would be a problem if any NDP MP is found to have smoked marijuana since being elected.

On that note, and in the interests of accountability, transparency and Open Government, I suggest that one of the committees room along Centre Block’s main hall—perhaps the Railway Room with the grand portrait of the Fathers of Confederation looming over the proceedings—be set aside in October for the procuring of urine samples from all 308 MPs. Each MP could stop by on his or her way to the Senate to hear the Throne Speech. MPs would also be made to disclose how many Snoop Dogg songs they have downloaded since being elected.

According to Statistics Canada’s 2011 survey of drug use, 9.1% of respondents admitted to “cannabis use” in the previous year. By that math, you could expect that in a room full of 308 people, somewhere between 27 and 28 have partaken. Indeed, in the interests of true representative democracy, shouldn’t we demand that there must be 27 or 28 MPs who have smoked marijuana in the past year?


Reefer badness

  1. Snoop LION, Aaron. Please get with the times.

  2. Fair and diverse representation: I want some tokers in power. Power tokers, not brokers!

    • If appointed, those jokers would just be token tokers, and not well-spoken.


    Off the link. It’s amusing but hardly news.
    Mackay’s long been known to be a dope. I wouldn’t hire him to drive the local school bus, much less be the top law dog.
    I know it’s politics, so maybe it’s to be expected, but Mulcair’s position is disappointingly provincial. Taking JT at his word, he took the odd puff but didn’t particularly like it. I can’t begin to count the number of people i’ve met over the years who fit that profile. Ok, so the issue is he shouldn’t be doing it as a politician,fair enough. But you can be pretty sure a good percentage of Mulcair’s team are in the same boat, and Mulcair knows it too.
    Trudeau hasn’t done any thing brave or radical here, he’s simply admitted to a practice that is still quasi illegal, more of a vestige, a relic of hypocritical Victorian moralism for most people, more than anything else. He’s not a brave warrior but neither is he some anarchist who is seeking to corrupt our children with his irresponsible behaviour.
    Mackay sounds more like a Victorian maiden aunt than anything else. Keep it up CPC, keep on branding yourself as the party of the 19th century. You though Mr Mulcair should know better.

    • Heh…yeah the Temperance Movement is back. Good thing Carrie Mackay is out of the Defence dept or he’d be ordering hatchets

    • I agree. The sanctimony is revolting and I despair that we will ever get a government that actually represents a majority of Canadians on this or any issue with this kind of petty partisanship getting in the way.

      All they had to say was”The NDP doesn’t concern itself with what the Liberal Leader chooses to do in the privacy of his own backyard. Our position is that possession of marijuana should be decriminalized.”

      • Yeah, that’s the real sickness at the heart of modern Canadian politics – uber partisanship; and it isn’t solely limited to the CPC either. It’s almost enough to make a guy think why not give PR a go; how could it possibly be worse?

  4. I wonder what kind of problem it would be if an NDP smoked pot. Maybe Mulcair could tell us what he’ll do when he finds out?