Remember the 80s? -

Remember the 80s?


Next viral attack ad: Michael Ignatieff, he’ll take away your TV remote.

Completely irrelevant, but mildly amusing, clip after the jump.

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Remember the 80s?

  1. Has he retained any lessons he might have learned from speaking with “the man who markets Neil Kinnock”?

    • It couldn’t have been all bad. It worked for Joe Biden.

  2. Worse than taking away our remotes, he’ll shorten our attention spa…

    What’ was I talking about again?

  3. More importantly, does he still have that car? Audi Quattro. I think they are all collectors items now.

  4. Right at the very end of his speaking, a big bare foot should have come down and squished him.

    Now that would have been remotely funny.

    • When he moved to Harvard in the 90s, John Kerry recommended a hairdresser.

  5. I still think putting a puffin in word increase the ratings tremendously.

  6. Interesting that his hair was better in the 80’s than in 1995. Read into that what you will.

    • I do like the Bob McKenzie squint-and-pursed-lip look he has on the freez frame of the clip.

    • See above. I must stop replying to myself.

  7. He said potato CRISPS. Get him!

    • Is that some kind of foreign lingo? We don’t speak the parley-voo ’round here.

    • Yes, but he said it very self-consciously.

  8. Well, since we’re all wasting valuable time digging up old pics/videos to show how goofy everyone looked in the past (… stop the presses!). Here’s one of Paul Wells, from now that long ago, via the UWO Gazette:

    Nice ‘do there Paul.

    • DJ Master Wells, ready to spin.

    • I hate to say it but, objectively, we all look a lot better than we did 10 years ago. The kids look better, the teenagers look better, old people look better, people with glasses look better, Michael Ignatieff looks better, PMSH looks one hell of a lot better . . . Hard to fathom why, though.

      • You’ve obviously have not seen a photo of me now or then, Jack!

        • Ho ho ho. But no, I was campaigning against the aesthetics of 1994 in 1994, at least in my own mind. I’m an Old Guard mocker of 1994. And various other epochs now seem cool (ALIMOM): early 70’s, early 60’s, the whole of the 1930’s, the 1880’s and by God the First Empire. No no, we are blessed these days, we are blessed. Look at the glasses. Look at the hair. Though maybe the price we pay is a certain lack of oomph, a sort of osteoporosis of style. But I’m sounding like Russell Smith. Anyway . . .

    • What jerky student newspaper editor chose to run such a photo of an esteemed alumnus?

      • Yeah, and who was Carol?

    • Talk about a deer in the headlights look. And is he raising his hand for the Nazi salute? Just kidding, of course.

  9. Ahh, the “freedom” of a capitalist market society, run by people who don’t sell, but who make you want to buy things, all while dumbing down the culture. A chilly freedom to be sure, but freedom nonetheless.

    Granted, I haven’t seen the whole series, but it almost sounds in this clip like Ignatieff is getting ready to Lament something or other.

    • The nerve of him critizing our glorious capitalist culture. What does he think he is? Free?

      It’s not just dumbed down culture. It’s ADD culture. “Dumb” would be charming compared to what we have now.

  10. If the Tories are serious about combing the archives for attack ad fodder, they should probably string together any video and audio clips of Iggy saying “We Americans” or otherwise obscuring his Canadian origins.

  11. Money moves at the speed of light? Wow, somebody call Einstein.

    Who knew Iggy was Ben Mulroney with more hair?

  12. “potato crisps”???
    also….every 3 minutes? that’s an eternity. “The channel changer”…..LOL

    • This is BBC chips are crisps in the UK.