Resolutely flexible


The prepared text of the Finance Minister’s remarks is here.

Countries, just like individuals, do not stumble into prosperity. They set out a plan and stick to it, so that they are fully capable of seizing opportunity when misfortune hits, instead of merely being overwhelmed by it. 

That’s not to say, of course, that our Government believes an inflexible approach for every conceivable scenario is anything to admire.

For those of you scoring at home, six references are made to flexibility against ten references to stability.

The full economic update is available here. More from the Globe and Canadian Press.


Resolutely flexible

  1. Translation:  ‘We goofed again.’

  2. “We will remain in structural deficit until we aren’t”

  3. 6 – 10 eh?

    I predict flexibility will come back in the third period, but stability will hold the fort in overtime.

    Anybodies game in the shootout. 

  4. So all along Harper was asking for a flexible majority government instead of a stable one?

    • It means the mandate he keeps telling us he has is – uh – flexible. 

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