Rich people love socialism


According to CNN’s exit polling, Americans making $200,000 or more per year voted as so.

Obama 52%
McCain 46%


Rich people love socialism

  1. Overall popular vote was Obama 52% McCain 47%, so the same percentage making over 200,000 voted for Obama as did making under 200,000. The title of your post is wrong. You could make the case(statistically insignificant) however, that people making under 200,000 were less likely to vote for McCain, but you would also need to point out that those votes didn’t go to Obama.

    The data actually tells you that this election didn’t break along income strata, but upon other factors.

  2. Obviously, we need to invent some kind of term for this heretofore completely-unknown phenomenon. I’m thinking something along the lines of “champagne socialist” or “limousine liberal.” Catchy, no?

  3. “(statistically insignificant)”

    I don’t know about that. We have some massive sample sizes if the target population is eligible American voters.

  4. they sure ain’t making socialists like they used to

  5. Joe the Plumber voted for McCain even though he would be better off under Obama’s tax plan.

    Joe the Neurosurgeon voted for Obama even though he would be better of under McCain’s tax plan.


  6. Interesting finding, but who wrote your “…love socialism” headline?

    If you think Obama’s a socialist, you don’t know the meaning of the word. As far as I know, only loony far right commentators throw that word around these days.

    Besides, a 52-46 margin is hardly so overwhelming that it can be described as “love.”

  7. PT:

    I think he was joking.

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