Roll call -

Roll call


Gary DoerBrian Masse, Ryan Cleary, Wayne MarstonPeter Stoffer and Chris Charlton are staying out of the NDP leadership race.

On the other hand, I’m told that Libby Davies hasn’t ruled anything out.

A preliminary list of potential candidates is thus as follows: Davies, Megan Leslie, Paul Dewar, Charlie Angus, Peter Julian, Francoise Boivin, Pat Martin, Thomas Mulcair and Brian Topp.


Roll call

  1. I can’t believe Libby Davies seriously thinks she can win, given her limited French language skills. Surely we’ve come a long way from John Crosbie’s belief it was irrelevant.  The only way to keep alive the NDP surge in Quebec is to have a leader who can keep their presence up in that province. That can’t be done through a Quebec lieutenant.
    What Davies may be contemplating is a run that would allow her to garner a sufficiently large number of far-left delegates, the type who would naturally support her, and deliver them to another candidate at the right time – but that only works if there is a delegated convention – which is extremely unlikely.  So other than running in order to have a “bully pulpit” her candidacy seems not likely to happen.