Romanian parliamentarians enjoy new era of unseriousness


From the Telegraph.

A video of Romania’s new prime minister falling off stage during a chat show has become a YouTube hit. The footage, seen by hundreds of thousands of fans, shows Emil Boc walking onto a transparent plastic stage to greet the host and another female guest. Mr Boc is then seen striding past them before plunging 15ft down into a pit next to a gap in the stairs…

Now six years later, tapes of the show have come back to haunt the politician since he was sworn in as the former communist state’s prime minister last month. The new prime minister has faced a barrage of taunts from fellow MPs since the video emerged. Opposition MPs pretend to fall over whenever he enters a room and others rub their rear ends in mock pain when he talks.

Vaguely hilarious video after the jump.


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Romanian parliamentarians enjoy new era of unseriousness

  1. I am thinking they will get more serious now that Russia has reduced Romania’s gas supply by 75% for sh*ts and giggles.

  2. What does “vaguely hilarious” mean?

  3. That is funny … but geez, what a fall! 15 ft?! What the hell were they thinking when they constructed that stage?

    • A transparent stage at that!

  4. I wouldn’t call that video funny at all. It’s like a lot of America’s Funniest Home Videos where they take videos of people being seriously injured or potentially seriously injured, adding a laugh track and silly sound effects and calling it comedy.

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